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Why Most People Are Not Shifting Into The Unity Consciousness Grids

Updated: Aug 30

Fractures in the constructs of society

Shifting from the inverted grid systems into the unity consciousness grids can be extremely painful and challenging. In order to make the transition, we must have patience with ourselves and others. It is a process of disentangling ourselves from the current constructs as we begin to have more clarity about what we are committed to moving forward as well as taking accountability for who we have been in the past. Often, facing the depth of pain that is felt in the collective is unbearable. When we begin to feel this level of pain, most of us seek coping mechanisms so we don’t implode from the overwhelm. I will go into this topic later since it would take up too much of this point to go into it here.

In our current state of world events, the mis-leadership is still in place. This is nothing new and it has been going on for so long only because people support it and most are afraid to step outside of the imposed boundaries the psychopathic tyrants have set for us. Most people feel safer with external authority even if there is a gross misuse of the power within the authority figures. Think about Stockholm syndrome when I say this and then look around at what people have submitted to and remain committed to even when it destroys the very fabric of our communities, our health and our well being.

There is a drive to separate people through divide and conquer strategies that so many people have fallen for, myself included at times. It’s not about blame, shame or guilt, it’s more about making choices and changes now that can support unity and a greater collective experience as we move forward from here. What’s done in the past can only be changed in the present moment as we create a new way of being in the future. When we commit to creating the same types of experiences and circumstances, then we can’t expect things to change. It takes change within each individual to generate a large enough collective change to shift the way the world is being run. We aren’t really saying know when our actions are still saying yes.

When we look around, we see people slinging the proverbial mud at each other, calling each other out, making each other wrong, destroying each others lives and livelihoods in an attempt to be right. The only part of you that needs to be right at all costs is the negative ego. It is also the part of you that can and is often the open door for negative entity and possibly demonic possession. It is the part of you that believes in separation so vehemently that it will kill another being. It is the antithesis of the eternal living light source.

Please be aware that there is a term called “controlled opposition” that must be explored when looking at information being presented. When an agenda needs to be pushed, the art of distraction becomes employed by the ones pushing the agenda. This distraction often comes in the form of a battle of two sides. If the controllers get two sides to fight against each other, most people get caught up in witnessing the argument and often side with one or the other and the negative ego take the reins. It’s a classic set up of divide and conquer while distracting people from the real problem yet still satisfying their need to be right or on the right side. In unity, there really are no sides are there?

Most people, deep down, want to cooperate, co-create, be in commUNITY, to be loved, accepted, to feel safe and to belong. Yet, when the fear of not having that opportunity comes up, such as in the circumstance of being “wrong,” the childhood programming as well as the memories in our biology come into play to tell us that if we don’t find a way to belong, we won’t survive. Suddenly, we can perceive that our survival is on the line which is why so many people have the need to be right or at least on the right side. Often, you can see people jump from side to side just to feel safe or validated in their point of view. We are all guilty of this at times and it’s not anybody’s fault. It’s just what fear can cause us to do. We all seek to feel safe and to survive so will often do whatever we need to do for this to be accomplished.

Many people become addicted to the victim perceptive and since human children are like sponges, we soak up the abuse and the external authority structures only to repeat and reinforce them as adults. Is this not a form of mental illness? Can we actually blame the external world for our internal thoughts, choices in our lives, and opportunities we choose or allow to pass by? How much longer will we sit by and pretend that each of us is not, in some way, part of the problem?

Again, this isn’t about blame, it’s about waking up to our internal power to shift the external world. We’ve all heard that you can’t change the mirror, you have to change the person who is reflected in the mirror and what you see in the mirror will change. This may be a cliché but it doesn’t mean it isn’t still valid and relevant. I understand that the odds are stacked against us when we look around at what we face but we fail to understand our innate power as creator beings.

As energetic and information sponges, we tend to soak up what the world around us presents to us from the moment we are born and maybe even before that while in utero. This sets us up to run mental programs that can either serve us or destroy us. It takes a very strong and determined mind to overcome the early childhood programming, especially if we have become biologically addicted to the feelings of victimhood or disappointment. Our bodies will actually support our seeking of those feelings since those can become the normal feeling that we associate with home. We may even go as far as to say that if it doesn’t feel like that, something must be wrong.

Awareness is key here, it is vital for each of us to become aware of our programs that recreate the past and consistently make it present. If we don’t make our stories and trauma from the past relevant every moment, we will not bring it with is into the future. Again, I have to reiterate that its not about blaming yourself or others, it’s about claiming your power of creation, showing mercy and forgiveness because holding grudges only perpetuates separation, it does’t actually solve the problem.

So what are the problems that we see. Well, to start, we have normalized violence and aggression. When we look into history and think about things like genocide, public hangings, burning people alive or forcing people to fight to the death against other humans or even beasts, most of us shudder and shake our heads. We glorify the violent heroes and detest the violent villains. We’d like to think that we would’ve been the change if we were present or given the choice, that we wouldn’t have supported that and that we don’t support it now but I beg to differ. Even though we aren’t watching it happen to people around us, many of us pay a lot of money to watch it happen through the black screens that come alive with violence at the push of a button.

We can act as if it’s just on TV but in truth, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined. Your body and subconscious mind don’t have a line of separation and in fact, the subconscious mind creates the body. When you watch violence or something scary, the only reason you have an emotional reaction is because your subconscious mind and your body believe it is witnessing it happen in person.

This may be the point that you want to use the justification that your conscious mind knows the difference so it’s alright that you watch these things. Is it though? The subconscious mind is the part of our mental body that creates and imprints our timelines. Could it be that be we, as a collective conscious mind, have normalized aggression, violence, terror and tyranny to the point that our collective unconscious mind is creating the timelines to match it?

Allow this to sink in for a bit. Allow yourself the time to truly explore the questions I have presented here and stay open and honest to how you may be participating. Also, stay out of judgment of others who are participating and we can’t always blame the perpetrators of it since we are the consumers and if we didn’t consume it, it wouldn’t be relevant any longer.

My friends, we face a spiritual sickness of separation. It is in this separation and willingness to point the finger at others while our egos convince each of us that we aren’t part of the problem. While we are all part of the problem, we may or may not all be part of the solution. It’s a personal choice to participate in purity or impurity, unity or separation. I have to say here, that I am not saying be all inclusive or be a doormat to abuse just to include everyone in your life. We each know what feels right for us and just because we don’t choose somebody or something for our life, does’t mean we are rejecting it or making it wrong for existing. In other words, just because you’re not choosing it doesn’t mean you are going against it.

We each have an inner compass that is connected to our highest good. We can all follow that compass and navigate toward the timelines of unity or we can perpetuate the separation, blame, shame, guilt and victim/victimizer perspective. It’s up to you to decide what you want your contribution to be.

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