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Ascension Energy Update: Early 2024 Ascension Symptoms

Energies for early 2024

We’ve started off into a very heavy energy cycle in January of 2024. I’m sure many people would’ve loved to have put the energies of 2023 behind them but we are still working a lot of things out. It's important to remember that this ascension process is something that we’ve been working on for multiple lifetimes as well as through multiple levels of reality. It's also important to know that the ascension symptoms will come and go throughout 2024.

What we can continue to expect right now are the heavy energies mixed in with the breaking down of many areas of our lives, especially the areas that normally challenge us. Most of us wish there was some sort of magical fairy to turn our lives around from the inverted grid to the organic living light grid but we are those beings to that have the task at hand.

We’ve been doing great. We are doing the wonderful inner work that creates major shifts in not just our own lives but for our lineage as well.

The energies that will be shifting are lighter ones coming in as the entire collective begins to lighten up. Like I said last month, we will have several different pushes in the media to keep the fear machine turning but I ask you to look for the things that are working in your life, in your community, in your neighborhood or household and pay attention to those because they are so very important for you to build the new reality from.

We feel like we are trudging through mud or bushwhacking through the weeds and thats actually relevant for the most part. We are trailblazing a new way in this reality that is filled in by us, by our expression and reflection. The old grid is breaking down and the constructs of it are as well. The things we created like our goals, our life plans, our dreams desires, all of that is changing along with the major collective changes.

When we shift the energies in such a large way, we end up having total chaos around us as things in the physical world shift to reflect the major inner changes taking place. The external world mirrors our collective world. Each of us interacts with the energies we’ve sent out there daily, often we don’t like it when they come back to us, on a great day, we recognize where we set the energy into motion or why something showed up in our lives. For the most part, we remain oblivious to it though.

The tactics by the inverted grid systems that continue to promote detrimental behaviors to stifle the growth of the ascending human body but for many people, it’s starting to become obvious to many more people than in the past. This is the great awakening of humanity during the ascension cycle. For as much we have to be angry about, we also have a lot to be in gratitude for at this point. Even though it can feel heavy, we still have to look up and know that we are never given more than we can carry and that all of our interactions, encounters and experiences are actually happening for our greatest soul expansion and spiritual growth.

Big shifts lead to big breakdowns and big breakthroughs and bigger breakdowns and bigger breakthroughs and this is our evolutionary process. Its like a series of rolling hills and valleys, each one getting higher but each valley getting lower. With that expansion comes more awareness and in that awareness, you become more aware of a variety of things, not just what you choose.

Many new and different structures will seem to pop up out of nowhere but will be well put together. These will be the structures that will help humanity embrace a rude awakening from a system that was set up to turn them into biotechnological resources or other marketable and disposable resources like labor forces and armies.

There is a mix of emotions that come up for a lot of people right now while each person faces immense inner turmoil and challenges. Each person is going through their own adjustment into the latest energetic updates and healing challenges and while it can show up in very different ways, each person faces something similar in that all of the levels of self have to be faced, cleaned, organized and brought into alignment with the spirit.

This looks like the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies being examined, beliefs being reassessed, habits beings changed, fears being faced, honestly looking at self and taking accountability for how life has turned out and so on. It can be incredibly challenging for a person to make it through all of this inner turmoil while the world is also going through its own tumultuous times as well. It may feel like a fire in a windstorm for some.

All of our inner strength is going to be called up to face these latest challenges. We are passing through the center of the hourglass between major timelines and levels of reality. Everything that cannot come with us into the new reality has to be sorted and sifted through in order to process any unfinished lessons or opportunities for growth that were hanging there like a loose end. All of the past lives have to be completed which means all contracts that we’ve made must be fulfilled. There are many contracts that carry with us through lifetimes and that is what the great purge that started in 2015 has been all about. Wrapping everything up from other timelines and past lives and now we are coming to a completion with so much of it that the result is our world in change.

We are looking out at a very different world. One part of it is going deep into technological enslavement and the other is going into something that resembles symbiosis a bit more. Living detached from nature or alongside and in harmony with nature appear to be the two main choices or pathways.

The transition that we are in may not appear to be moving very quickly but it does have a lot of moving parts which will take time to play out. There are several different things being set in motion right now that will change the trajectory of humanity. How we handle each situation determines what comes next. Living with intention and being thoughtful about your choices can change which direction you go in and you must be willing to let go of the things that would or could hold you back or create stagnancy in your life. That may be one of the most difficult parts about what is coming up because we like to surround ourselves with the familiar and branch out into the unknown from the safe place of our comfort zone. When we remove the comfort zone of the familiar and enter largely into the unknown, we can end up feeling lost and directionless temporarily.

For more information on the physical symptoms, please see my video on YouTube.

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