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Using Self Inquiry to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom & Higher Consciousness

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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Have you ever experienced a moment in time where you felt overwhelmed, uncertain, or disconnected? You may have found yourself asking the same questions over and over again with no real answers. If this sounds familiar, self inquiry may be the key to unlocking your inner wisdom and transforming your life. Let’s explore what it means to use self inquiry and how it can open up higher consciousness.

What is Self Inquiry?

Self inquiry is a technique used to access inner wisdom by diving deep into our subconscious minds. It involves actively exploring our thoughts and feelings without judgment or attachment. When we use self inquiry, we observe our thoughts from an objective point of view, allowing us to better understand ourselves on a deeper level. Through this process of exploration and understanding, we gain insight into the root causes of our challenges and uncover our true potential for growth. During our ascension process, we are clearing for multiple lifetimes and timelines which could lead us to confusion about why we have certain feelings and points of view about ourselves and the world. Using self inquiry to go deeper into clearing and healing from all of our incarnations can be a very beneficial process.

Why Use Self Inquiry?

The practice of self inquiry allows us to connect with a part of ourselves that usually remains hidden beneath the surface. By exploring our feelings and beliefs on an intimate level, we can gain greater insight into what motivates us and how we interact with the world around us. This awareness can help us become more conscious of our patterns, so that we can make more informed decisions about how to live our lives in alignment with who we truly are.

Self inquiry also helps us build resilience against stressors by teaching us how to shift out of automatic patterns when challenging situations arise. This allows us to react in healthier ways while maintaining balance within ourselves. And finally, engaging in self inquiry gives us permission to look inward rather than outward for guidance - something that many people struggle with due to societal pressures or fear-based conditioning that tells them their own opinion doesn’t matter as much as others’.

How To Do Self Inquiry

There are several ways you can use self inquiry in your daily life – here are just a few suggestions:

• Journaling – Writing down your thoughts on paper is a great way to get started with self inquiry. Spend some time each day writing about anything that comes up for you – even if it’s only one sentence! This will give you an opportunity to explore your innermost thoughts without having any expectations or judgments placed upon them.

• Meditation – Sitting quietly and observing your breath is another simple form of self inquiry. Try setting aside 10 minutes each day just for yourself. Take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and see what arises within you during this time.

• Reflection & Analysis – Reflecting on past experiences or analyzing current ones can be incredibly helpful when it comes to gaining insight into yourself and others around you. Take some time each day (or week) to think deeply about something that has recently occurred in your life. what was the lesson learned? What did it teach you about yourself or others?

Using self inquiry is an effective way of accessing higher consciousness and transforming your life from within. Through techniques such as journaling, meditation, reflection & analysis - we can dive deep into our subconscious minds and begin unraveling the mystery behind why certain things happen in our lives - ultimately leading us towards greater understanding & fulfillment along our paths ahead. Taking some extra time for yourself each day will help ensure that when challenging moments come up - you'll be ready & prepared with all the wisdom needed from within. So go ahead - start taking those first few steps towards living authentically & consciously today.

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