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The Power of Presence on Manifestation

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The Power of Presence of Manifestation

opportunity for manifestation

People around the world have been experiencing a variety of ascension related symptoms for a number of years. These symptoms vary and seem to come and go for many. This is largely due to the vibrational difference of the persons natural vibrational expression and the upgrades and or other alterations to that vibration.

The upgrades can feel bad as we face our pain and move through our lessons while other alterations including things like artificial Schumann resonance spikes can make us feel terrible mentally, emotionally and physically. Sometimes, it can be as simple as not enough hydration for the energy to move through the body as easy or to clear toxins through a detox action initiated by the higher incoming light and associated codes. Our bodies will each go through different stages of detoxification in order to continue increasing our light density. Staying hydrated allows the body to continue its detoxification process as well as allows the light to disperse through the energetics of your body easily.

One of the main non-physical symptoms people have been sharing about is feeling directionless and without clarity of purpose. There is a lot of confusion in this area with the lingering feelings of wonder about why they are here and what they should be doing.

One reason many feel so lost and confused right now is that we are in what I call an in between selves state. I like to view this as being in a room with many different doorways that lead to different timelines or life journeys. It may feel like being in a dream at times with an overall surreal feel to the experience that lasts for weeks if not months.

This is a time of looking at what interests you since that has most likely changed drastically over the last couple of years. It is also a time of learning to develop your discernment and inner guidance before the powerful choices we will be making in early August.

This Lion’s gate portal will be offering opportunities for advancement and evolution in a big way. Right now, we are looking at possibilities, trying out new ideas and feeling into our creative energies as we make the alignment with the next level of timelines available during this gateway. The trans-harmonic architecture is allowing souls to leave this level of reality and the incarnation grid while it’s allowing the embodied beings to choose their path forward.

As we shift into a higher reality, we become more aware of our responsibility, rather than just our ability to imprint the timelines. We serve as a collective that co-creates the timelines in this reality. We have the responsibility not only to others, but also to ourselves to make sure that the imprinting we are doing is for the greatest good.

This means more presence and attention to the moment as well as looking at what energies we are uploading into the collective at that time. We naturally pay attention to the things that are out of alignment without getting complete with it. When we just pay attention to the problem and don’t work all the way through to the solution, we can get caught up in a negative pattern of manifesting what we don’t want.

When we manifest what we don’t want, it is a sure indication that we don’t understand the manifestation process or that we don’t know our tremendous power as creator beings. We’ve all heard of the law of attraction but what many forget about it is that it is a universal law and in effect 24/7. It is also important to understand that during this culmination lifetime, we will encounter a variety of experiences that feel familiar and often challenging. This is due to the effect that nexus points have on our overall spiritual progression. Think of a nexus point as a a spiral representing your personal journey and transit through this earth reality. All of the major timeline trauma events tend to repeat themselves as we pass through vertical axis of the spiral but on a different horizontal axis point. This looks like similar events throughout different lifetimes. For example, the current traumas of frequency attacks were generated in the Atlantian, Lemurian, Egyptian, and Cathar genocide timelines as well. We may find that we fear for our lives and want to run away and hide in caves like we did during the previous cycles but we are in a window of opportunity to clear the past trauma to achieve true ascension and an end to the suffering here. Our opportunity is in the reconnection of our multidimensional light body to access enlightenment through embodiment.

It's common to intend to work with the law of attraction consciously. Part of that process is to focus on your goals while getting into the energy of already having your desired outcome and that in itself is wonderful. The problem is, many people forget that when they talk about not having their desired item or experience, they hold the pattern of desire or continued want or longing. Longing, desire, and want are all very powerful energies in themselves and can be generated and held in the field thus drawn in repeatedly, taking place of the actual physical manifestation or having of the desire. This serve to reinforce or re-imprint their current experience to a much greater degree than they are imprinting the new experience. Many teachers say that it’s important to act as if you already have it. That way you practice being in the energy of having it rather than being in the energy of wanting it.

Some people get stuck in the rut of repeatedly bringing up the topic whether it be a desire or a negative experience. As long as they continue to feel about it, think about, maybe even complain about it, then they hold the pattern of it in their field through the energetic reinforcement of focus. The focus acts similar to a magnet and will pull in experiences that match the same distorted pattern of energy. This creates the cycle of repetition in negative manifestation. It’s a time loop of our own doing. Its important to understand the difference between avoiding something you'd rather not see and acknowledging it as a way a to move through it. We don't have to dwell in negative experiences but in order to shift the pattern, we do have to acknowledge the pattern exists.

One way that these upgrades and light integration periods impact the negative cycles and patterns is through breaking it down by bringing details about it up to the surface. That requires each person to face what is coming up within themselves at all given times.

Far too often, people deeply bury their fears through a variety of coping mechanisms, none of which actually create a solution, most of which mask the symptoms much like modern western medicine masks the symptoms of illness rather than treating the cause of it. Since this type of masking will not lead people to their greatest good, the ascension waves nudge people in the direction of healing by presenting them with opportunities and new perspectives.

Unfortunately, these nudges can often feel like punishment for many while they face their fears, often by manifesting them into reality through subconscious programs as a way of being forced to move through something they’ve been avoiding. This means their problems will most likely get worse not better unless they shift their mindset in the area that is manifesting the problem in the first place. The pattern and belief of victimhood has many held in its grips. Victim consciousness can be an easy trap to fall into if we focus on the injustice in this world. It’s important to address the injustice while also maintaining a positive outlook and clearing any trauma that occurs.

As people begin to remember who they are beyond just this lifetime, we will have a lot of pain that gets flushed up to the surface to be processed and healed both individually and collectively. Humanity has held a burden of trauma imprints that has perpetrated looping trauma, pain and suffering for ages which is why the ascension process is in place as it is now. We have the opportunity to put an end to this loop of suffering. Each individual has to step and move through their own acceptance, forgiveness and awakening process to choose how they want to show up in this world.

We, as a collective, will have to do an enormous amount of healing and forgiving to bring about true and lasting change in this world. The next several years may be rocky as the old grid structures continue to be broken down and dismantled while people shift into alignment with the new grid structure and multidimensional expression. It’s important to remember that we are in a series of upgrades that may seem like a series of tests of lessons. Really, these tests, lesson or upgrades are meant to vibrationally prepare us to live in a reality beyond just 3D and into our multidimensional expression. Once we learn a lesson, pass a test or integrate an upgrade, we move on to the next one.

It takes great strength to push through the current challenges we face. Take it step by step, celebrate small successes, and remember to be gentle with yourself and others.

Much Love,


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