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The Gift of Receiving & Why It's Necessary If You Want Abundance

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Ascension Consciousness Blog

giving and receiving equal abundance for all

Most of us have heard the saying that it’s better to give than to receive. We have been taught to be generous, to share what we have with others and to give to less fortunate people than ourselves. This has been a part of developing a society so that people take care of each other and show support when and where it is needed. While being generous is a wonderful thing when you have it, what about when you don’t have it? This is when guilt, shame, jealousy, envy or even frustration can take hold in our energy field leading to potential negative outcomes if any of the aforementioned emotions take hold as a pattern of filter that we see the world through.

The problem with the idea of giving more than you receive has to do with the fact that you cannot give something that you do not have. In other words, you can’t pour from an empty cup. We live in a society that often does pull from an empty cup through different lines of credit or perhaps receiving from a social system or charity. This can be very useful in the short term but it is not sustainable. If each person is not giving into the collective cup yet each person is drawing from the collective cup, eventually, the cup goes dry. Of course, I am speaking figuratively here but its to help address a large problem and that problem happens to be our collective programming and individual mindsets.

In order to give generously, you will need to have a decent amount of whatever you intend to give, whether it be money, food, resources, or anything else. This even comes down to sharing ideas which can be very abundant yet without receiving something for those ideas, there must be some sort of alternative way you are receiving in order to sustain yourself in this world. This doesn’t mean we have to share the same thing back. For instance, sharing ideas with others who share money or resources for those ideas is still an exchange which involves both parties giving and receiving. This isn’t about keeping track of value of exchange, my focus is on the ability to receive.

In our younger years, many of us have been told to eat all of the food on our plate because there are children starving somewhere else in the world. We have been told to share with our brothers, sisters or other people and to not be greedy. There are many other examples that may come to mind for you and the bottom line is that there is a shortage or lack in this world and simply put, there’s not enough for all of us.

I would like to point out something that has become blatantly obvious to me recently and that is the nature of the reality that we live in. It has come to my awareness that the foundation of our reality is the energy of abundance. If we look at nature, the plants, trees and animals are prolific in their generation and creation of more of what they are.

Since we already know that everything is made of energy and we know that energy is abundant in a non physical form, we can get an idea of the true abundance that is available to all of us. We also already know that we are natural creators and can imprint the energetic field to show up for us in specific ways through deliberate creation and intentional manifestation.

I think it’s safe to say, we have an abundance of energy that we can create from and if we tap into the natural foundational energies of this reality, there can only be lack or shortage if we create it through resistance to receiving. The living light source of intelligence that supports everything in this reality equally can be seen in all things that exist. Whatever that intelligence is, it is certainly based in abundance and that can be witnessed everywhere around each of us.

So what is happening with this idea of lack? Is it part of a program that drives us to buy into the idea of shortage and therefore have conflict over resources, food, money and other supplies necessary for living? That would make sense for the enslavement agenda of the population and to feed the different entities that enjoy the flavor of fear, sadness, anger and thrive on trauma and violence. But perhaps there is a wonderful silver lining here that helps us truly know our limitless as creator beings. If the eternal living light source intelligence nourishes and nurtures all of creation equally, then it’s safe to say that our willingness to receive may be the only thing that can prevent us from having what we desire. All of us having it, not just some of us. Perhaps the beings controlling this reality have just tricked us into a belief system that supports their desires to the detriment of our own?

So what can we do about this? We can heal the trauma that has been handed down through the generations, we can heal the childhood wounds that lead to patterns of trauma being held in our fields like filters on reality. We can do the tough inner work and stop blaming ourselves and others for our experience. Not everything that is going on in your life is your fault but everything going on in your life is under your control now. This means that you have the power to change it even if you didn’t create it in the first place.

The conditioning through war, orchestrated famine, and forced belief systems, humans have been tricked into believing that life is hard and that we need to fight each other to survive. We don’t and in fact, we need to stop fighting our natural way of being as creators in an abundant reality and start working with our minds to bring balance between the different aspects of ourselves that can manifest our desires.

Anything that doesn’t allow you to receive your desires, are you willing to transmute clear and release it now? Solved, dissolved, resolved.

Anywhere in any timeline or lifetime that you have been guilt tripped, shamed, or blamed for having more than others around you, and anywhere that guilt, shame or blame are trapped in any level of your being, are you willing to transmute, clear and release it now? Solved, dissolved, resolved.

Any formulations or creations you are using to mimic or recreate other people’s negative patterns, pathways and realities with a refusal to receive that you are now choosing, are you willing to transmute, clear and release it? Solved, dissolved, resolved.

Anywhere that you are choosing poverty and debt as a way to validate limiting beliefs that you’ll never have enough, you’ll always be poor, life is about struggle, or that its hard to get ahead in life, are you willing to transmute, clear and release all of that now? Solved, dissolved, resolved.

Anywhere you have bought into the idea that you have to sacrifice what you have for the good of others and anything that is attached to, anything that is related to, anything that brings up or lets down, are you willing to transmute, clear and release it now?

Solved, dissolved, resolved.

Now that you have begun to shift any ideas around shortage or lack in this world, notice in your daily life where this idea still comes through. Do you want something but hold the idea that you can’t afford it? Be sure to clear it and ask “how can I have that” and then allow your inner guidance to lead you to that.

Next month we will get into the generation of wealth and abundance. This month is preparing the ground to plant seeds of prosperity by clearing the weeds of lack and shortage.

Much love,


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