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Taking Back Control: Revoking Consent to Spiritual Contracts

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

spiritual contracts

For many of us, there have been moments in our lives when we have felt that everything is out of our control. We might experience a sense of betrayal when our trust is broken, or we may feel as though we are struggling to make the most of the resources available to us. Sometimes, these feelings can be the result of spiritual contracts that we have unknowingly agreed to. These agreements may have allowed others to lie, steal, or take advantage of us, all while cloaked in the guise of seemingly innocent circumstances. In this blog post, we will explore how to gain a better understanding of these contracts, and how to revoke your consent to them in order to strive for greater spiritual freedom.

The first step towards revoking spiritual contracts is to understand what they are. These agreements may be established on an inter-dimensional level, through unconscious programming, or by Dark Forces that have an interest in your energy or resources. You may have unknowingly agreed to something that is draining your energy, resources, or impacting your life negatively. Take the time to examine which contracts feel heavy, draining, or negative. If you identify one that feels detrimental to you, it’s time to begin working to sever it.

The next step involves directly revoking consent. This can be done through visualization or verbally declaring that you no longer consent to any spiritual contracts that are not in your highest good or that affect your ability to stand in your power. Taking this step empowers you to reclaim your power and provides a sense of clarity on the situation at hand. It’s important to note that energy will need to shift in order to fully detach from the contract and for resolution to occur.

In addition to revoking consent, it’s essential to make a conscious effort to call back any resources that have been taken from you or your lineage. This could be an act like simply setting the intention to regain what was lost. You may also choose to call on your higher self for any guidance to help you regain what’s been taken.

It’s also important to revoke consent to any black magic curses or rituals. They may have been put in place to justify the loss of resources or to cause harm to you or your lineage. You can revoke your consent to these curses by visualizing yourself cutting the cords that bind you to them or you might also establish intentions or affirmations to disconnect you from these negative influences. As always, your higher self can help guide you to the support you need in clearing anything by listening into the quiet inner voice.

Taking the time to revoke any spiritual contracts that no longer serve us can provide the keys we need to unlock greater sense of sovereignty and well-being in our lives. By understanding the nature of these contracts and gathering the determination to revoke consent, you can reclaim what has been lost and move forward with greater clarity and peace of mind. Remember that this process can take time, patience, and focus, but the benefits are well worth the effort. With these practices and steps in mind, you can start to take control of your life in new and rewarding ways.

There are many different types of spiritual contracts that can be at play in a person’s life. I have created several revocations to support people in gaining spiritual liberation. Please check my revocations page to see what is currently available.

Much love,


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Hi Glacia,

I am so sorry I missed Sunday's call. I was an hour late! I am getting better about being more organized though. Been a real roller coaster ride for me, so normal for me to feel ups and downs.

I listened to the call and as always resonated so much with what I am going through now. I love the questions you provided we can ask ourselves, I will journal on it for sure,



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