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Emotions As Messengers To Help Discern Detrimental Control Maneuvers

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Ascension Consciousness Blog

We are equipped with our emotions so that we have a built in navigation system as a way to guide ourselves through this wondrous world. Without this understanding however, we feel like we are floating around in a sea of emotions, some feel good while others feel terrible and we can feel like we are at the whim of the world.

When we understand that our emotions are all just messengers in a sort of feedback system, we can start to decipher what our built in navigation system is guiding us to do. We know we like to move away from fear and toward love but the complexity of our emotional body as well as influences such as ancestral trauma, put us in a sort of emotional labyrinth in which we are tasked to find our way out.

If emotions are the messengers, then it would make the most sense to be open to receive the varying incoming messages and to pay attention to them in order to step into the greatest joy. In a very basic sense, these messengers let you know when you are going away from what you want or when you are going toward it.

Many people are confused by their emotions currently. They are paying attention to the outside world and trying to make sense of a nonsensical situation. The blatant lies, deception, greed, and medical murders being committed by drug-dealing companies and corrupt, profit based hospitals that make choices based on the desires of the highest bidder, make no sense. To an awakened human, or animal subject to human choices, being here is very painful. We witness the opposite of godliness which is what these fallen beings are. They are soulless, without emotion and therefore have no internal compass from which to navigate their path.

This leaves many people feeling hopeless, lost, scared, confused and unsure of what steps to take next. When honest, healthy people become the target of a hostile corrupt government run by elite psychopaths and the retribution through injustice can be crippling. Where is the god/source in all of this? Where is the universal mother and father? Why do we feel so abandoned now and why are our requests for help not being answered? The answer is, if we turn away from the light and choose darkness, the light cannot reach us. It is the sun’s fault that the rays don’t reach a person who is hiding in the shade? Our inner darkness must be faced. This means our shadow selves but also all of the ancestral trauma pain, trauma trapped in the body, and sometimes, it means uncovering the dark truth about things such as abductions, milab or mk-ultra torture.

The reason people are able to resist the support and flow of pure source energy is the freedom of choice. We all have it, we all use it, and everyone directs it in a different way. We must look within and do the inner sourcing now. The freedom of choice of the entire collective is what drives this reality. The collective imprints the timelines so people are upholding the false timelines with their beliefs, agreements, soul contracts and willingness to go along with the corruption.

Things in this world will not make sense unless you can understand a psychopathic mindset, which most gentle beings and empaths do not because we are wired for unconditional love and service to others. They are wired to hate us. Many in the general collective are hooked in their ai systems, therefore, follow any command given and the media is used to give those commands, many of them hitting the subconscious without the conscious mind knowing.

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost though and it certainly doesn’t mean that our requests for support aren’t being answered. There is a lot being done in the higher levels of this multidimensional grid system that is helping to break down the strong hold these darker forces have had on us for ages. It is the end of this long battle that began well beyond the earth and takes place in not only this universe, but quite possible the multiverse along with any parallel realities.

When we understand there is a much bigger picture than what is in front of us, we can allow ourselves to feel what we feel here and hold onto our hope and inner knowing that we will make it through this.

When our negative emotions show up as a result of our focus on what is, they are a reminder to refocus onto what is possible and move toward that. However, we must first acknowledge what doesn’t work as a way to shift into what does. Our efforts in imprinting the timelines is showing great benefit, despite how much push back the dark forces and psychopathic elite. Their darker forces don’t have much energy left to run their deadly games and are losing power everyday except for the fact that many people worship them because they have been fooled into believing their god is the true god.

What we see in the media is not valid and is more of a show to entertain the masses while the power grabs, money grabs and soul grabs are underway. It is not the truth that is being presented to the masses. It is a story to influence freedom of choice made by the masses. If you want to control the masses, all you have to do is run a problem/reaction/solution set-up. It’s a tactic that has been used repeatedly throughout history. When people are afraid, they go into fight or flight. When in fight or flight, the brain does’t make decisions the same as when not in fight or flight. The darker forces know human biology and take advantage of moments of vulnerability and even set up those moments to ensure they happen. We can see the fear tactics are working to drive the masses into hysteria, hatred, and to easily give up their body sovereignty which leads to loss of access to higher consciousness and possibly even their ability to go through the ascension process. To align with pure source energy, a person must purify in body, mind and spirit, in order to be able to flow that pure source energy. You wouldn’t put pristine, pure water in a filthy cup and drink it would you? No, because the pure water would then also be filthy and unfit to drink.

When a person willingly gives up their sovereignty, even when it feels like there is no other choice, and allows their temple to be defiled by the power elite, they become one of the marked like cattle with a brand or tag in their ear, waiting to be sacrificed. They become property of the holder of the patent without even knowing they’ve chosen slavery. It is a sad situation we face today as we see many loved ones making that choice. It brings up great fear for those of us who are not making that choice, despite the enticing offers of free money, free marijuana, free food and a variety of other perks as well as the threats to travel, income, access to food and supplies all while the demonization of the sovereign individuals continues.

Only the most ignorant or most heavily mind-controlled individuals in the collective will fall for the demonization of the people who choose to retain body, mind and spirit sovereignty. Its literally a no-brainer for any person who uses critical think or has common sense. Many people understand the choice is for each individual to make. However, the biotech isn't selective nor are the heavy metals being sprayed from cloud seeding planes. The darker forces rely on people not having access to the truth which is why censorship and altering or removing crucial data is being done across the board.

Do not give up hope though, we are in a time of unity and though it is okay to walk away from people that do not feel like a healthy fit for you, it is important that we do not confuse the victims with the victimizers. Most people do not realize the depth of deception, domination and control that is happening. Some people make the best choice they are able to see at that moment, even if it doesn't seem like the right choice to others. You can always love somebody and maintain your distance from them. Non-judgment and healthy boundaries go well together.

The darker forces will be trying to convince people that the worst will happen to them. They will suggest feelings, direct energies in specific frequencies to alter brain wave patterns to get people to artificially feel threatened, to be afraid and in some circumstances, mind slides and holographic inserts will be used in attempts to mind control individuals who are not taking the other bait easily. They will use ai systems along with the so called “smart” technology in our pockets and homes as the delivery systems in which to monitor and program personal and collective realities.

We have to muster up the greatest amount of courage to maintain our path forward. We will need to sift through the lies and discern the truth spoken by those around us. We must inner source and support each other in the best way possible. The darker forces are doing their best to come down on the awakened individuals with their directed energy weapons and biological warfare designed to make us sick and unable to complete our lives as intended, as well as turning a society of non-sovereign beings against us. We are in a war on consciousness and we must act accordingly. Love, awareness, discernment, and our ability to focus are our superpowers and always have been. We are the ones who have the ability to anchor unconditional love into this reality so let your love light shine!

Sending you love,


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