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Completion Cycles - Activations & Upgrades During Ascension

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

activation of light codes

Completion Cycles - Activations & Upgrades During Ascension

Ascension Consciousness Blog - From November 2022

I have been updating my blog since I moved my membership from Patreon to my website. You may see older dates that are just showing up here due to the membership migration away from patreon.

The end of 2022 holds the opportunity for major completions, upgrades and activations. We are in great turmoil currently, globally speaking, but this is due to the extraction of synthetic time fields. We have multiple layers of infested fields of reality that had been claimed by dark entities as their territory. There is so much miasma and energetic filth being removed from the collective energies that it appears we are living in chaos.

Despite how it may look, there is order behind the apparent madness. We are resolving wars that have been occurring across multiple timelines, trapping people in time loops through group agreements. There are also trapped aspects of consciousness being forced into bodies that endure the same level of torture simultaneously through all timelines and lifetimes but as linear time is experienced by each aspect of consciousness or embodiment, it looks more like the occurrence happens repeatedly through the span of many lifetimes. Basically, it looks like a series of unfortunate lifetimes. Fortunately, we are putting the trauma and negative experiences to rest.

Dark entities are being cleared out of what would be considered phantom zones or pockets of dead light/dead energy. We are in a major extermination phase of entities that were created out of distorted light and dark magic along with insidious intentions. This will create quite a stir in the collective as exposure of the dark underbelly of the current beast of a control system is dismantled. Injustice will come up to the surface to be followed by forgiveness and eventually, the observation of unity.

These artificial timelines that many people are pulling aspects of themselves from are continuing to be broken off of the true timelines. In other words, the parasitic overlays on this reality are starting to be removed to reveal the organic, living light grid. Who is removing them? We are via our higher dimensional counterparts that I call avatars or points of consciousness. Humanity upholds and powers the grid systems of the planet and because we are not just a 3D being, we are using all aspects of ourselves through the entire grid system to make these changes take place.

The vibration and expectation held by people will be the point of attraction that leads them to the timeline of their origin. This will allow each person or being, the clear path back to the center of who they are as a multidimensional being. This will allow a lot of people to feel a sense of going home and will help to alleviate the widespread feelings of being homesick that permeate the indigo and star seed collectives.

This is not a time to give into fears, coping mechanisms or return to your previous ways of being. This is a time to get clear about who you want to be as you progress further along in your ascension process and the unity timelines. Know that your issues, challenges and struggles will be coming up repeatedly until they are healed and completed. This can look like you are in a negative loop but as long as you change something each time, you are making progress. Often, we loop back around to the same feelings or circumstance to get a deeper awareness that allows greater growth and understanding.

People are at various degrees of waking up and a lot of people feel high levels of insecurity and anxiety about what is to come. People can sense the deep shifts in the structure of our collective energies and it scares them. For most, change is perceived as a threat. For indigos and star seeds, change is welcomed as a way to keep things progressing.

We, as sovereign beings on the ascension process, do not need to bother ourselves with fear based tactics of total enslavement and loss of life. There is a major push to get humans to generate timelines that lead to their demise and consciousness enslavement but to many awakened people, the ploys are obvious and won’t work. They will work on the general masses who have not started their ascension process yet or who are not coded for ascension. We are far too powerful to place our energies into the creation of the lower timelines.

The beings that are not coded for ascension were not created in this universe. They cannot ascend in this universe because it is not the system they originated in. They are not coded to ascend in this universe due to their own choices and instead of working toward their own ascension, they are striving to trap others with them. All organic beings of living light that were created in this universe contain light codes that allow their ascension. We are in an ascending universe despite the overlay of artificial timelines.

A painful realization that many on the ascending path are facing now is from the lifetimes and incarnations that they have chosen to support the enslavement and the degradation of humanity and the human genetic template. Not all of our lifetimes have been lives where we choose light, some have been very dark and we all must remember that in the eyes of source, all is good. There is no judgment from the source, just a return on the energy you invested into the fields of non-physical matter. You were created as a sovereign being, not an owned being. What you do with your sovereignty, whether in the light or the dark, is up to you. Just know that whatever you do will surely return back to you at some point and with extra energy attached. We all get a return on our dominant energetic investments.

It is from this level of awareness that we are able to view ourselves and others now. We are stepping into a higher level of consciousness that allows up to know our source level selves. We are working on embodying our multidimensional consciousness and it’s been tough on our physical bodies. We have been working on this process through multiple lifetimes and are finally in the culmination lifetime that we dump the trauma from the artificial timelines and associated suffering. We are truly liberating ourselves from the inverted grid systems that operate in looping traumas.

We are in a big activation cycle that will complete on the upcoming eclipse. Be sure to get clear about what you are letting go and what you are committed to holding on to. You will have to let go of your old self, your old ways of being, old ways of coping and the old ways you view the world. In order to step into higher timelines and to maintain higher awareness, we have to let go of the energies we used to maintain a lower vibration and limited awareness.

During this process, it is normal to feel lost, to question reality and your belief systems and its also very normal to put ascension information aside while you adjust to it and maintain your 3D life as well. Just be aware that, while it takes time to integrate, there are tactics being used to keep people asleep and to distract them from their ascension process.

We face a great challenge of balancing the new incoming energies with the older energies that are phasing out. This is not an easy time for any of us and we are all being challenged to stand in our sovereignty and higher knowing. The light that is streaming in contains all of the necessary information to make this shift. We are all supported through this process by our higher selves, our multidimensional counterparts and a variety of ascended beings and ascended worlds that, while they won’t do it for us, they will stand by our sides while we do it for ourselves. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Much love,


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