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Balancing of the Grids Leads to Divine Union & Harmony

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Ascension Consciousness Blog

December 2022


We have been adapting to inverted grid systems that have overlaid our organic holographic living light grids for a very long time. The grids have been shifting and the incoming universal life-force current is being restored. This current contains the proper codes for the balance of masculine and feminine energies. This will be felt within and will be seen in the collective. Many people will come into union with divine partners because of the new incoming currents. A great deal of pain from the lifetimes in separation must be healed in order to hold the higher vibration of divine union. Most people know what conflict, longing and desire feel like when it comes to relationships but some have come into harmonious connections with more entering into them after this major purge and timeline jump.

Coming into divine harmony can be accomplished by people who are single or who are already partnered with another. As the trauma clears from all of us, we will see personalities and identities shift dramatically. We are not at our best when we carry immense amounts of pain, anger and fear in our energy fields. Forgiveness will be a natural result of the new awareness many are coming into. The awareness that we cannot ever right the wrongs, we can only move forward to heal the pain and start something new and joyful.

Many current unions will deepen and new perspectives of each other that reflect divinity will be developed and will help to anchor in the new light frequency of unconditional love. New sets of spiritual DNA have been activated during the last wave of light code activations. This will lead to a greater sense of unity with all that is, yet, at the same time, increase the polarity and perceived separation with those who are not coded for the unity timelines. While bonds will deepen with those who are also on the ascension journey, there may be a stronger desire to maintain distance from people who are still running in the lower timeline mentality. This will not come from a judgmental place but rather from a personal preference for peace and the ability to stay tuned into higher awareness and maintain a higher vibration.

Each person that chose the ascension journey knew that the separation would be long and at times, very painful. It was understood that there would be an immense amount of longing since the connection to your divine family and divine partner would be unforgettable since they mirrors complete and pure source energies. You realized that you would feel the pull from the core or your body, like a magnet, always moving toward them.

These unions are happening both in divine partnerships of a romantic nature and in friendships as well. Many people have been searching for their tribe. The mechanisms used to keep special groups of beings in separation are starting to crumble. Many people are seeing through the tactics and talking about it which is creating a wave of awakening.

Much has been done by the power structures on the planet to prevent divine unions and to generate confusion about divine partnership. This is an attempt to keep the template of unity from becoming active in the collective as a way to continue to harvest distorted energies and maintain the control of power. When a person is separated from their divine partner, trauma from non-harmonic unions can take place. The energy of longing can become a constant feeling and unfortunately, a point of attraction which repels divine union and perpetuates the longing and possibly loneliness.

The pain and trauma generated through the imbalance of masculine and feminine energies has been a great source of power and sustenance for many of the beings who are fighting to control this earth since the humans here are seen as another resource by fighting groups. The divide and conquer strategies being used to separate men and women or to create confusion about men and women appears to be working on a large amount of the planetary population currently. If a person is confused about what they are, they are easy to persuade and mind control. Since we create through our identity, any confusion around who we are is a major vulnerability that the dark will capitalize on. When we are busy fighting amongst ourselves, we fail to see the true threat which is the mental weakness and high programmability of humans who are overseen and extorted by psychopathic and parasitic ETs. When we don’t even know what we are anymore, we become prey, awaiting externally sourced direction and control due to lack of inner authority. If we don’t have inner authority, we seek it in the outer world similarly to a child seeking a parent. A person who has no sense of self will fall for just about anything.


The dark masculine and dark feminine energies were created through a parasitic AI generated overlay. This parasitic overlay embeds and enmeshes into a living light reality much like a virus does in a living cell and changes the instructions within the grid systems to support the parasite. These altered grids are called inverted grid systems because they pull life force from the beings in the living light matrix rather than nourishing them.

The way they are able to harvest life force energies from the inverted grid is by maintaining an environment that supports pain and suffering. This is done through the perpetuation of war, fighting and violence as well as division by any means possible including beliefs, languages, class, rights, geographical location, skin color, political alliances, medical choices, etc. This is also done by controlling the information shared about the history of humanity and this planet. It is maintained by dominating the outlets of information in all types of media.

Mind control tactics are used to sustain the low vibration of the grid systems by suggesting painful and traumatizing stories and ideas in the minds of children, youth and adults alike. False news, false science and fake events are created as a way to manage the minds of the unsuspecting population. Humans are like sponges and soak up energies around them. We do this as a way to interact with and process the energies of this reality. This trait has proven to be detrimental when dealing with negative, parasitic ETs.

The beings responsible for implementing the inverted grid systems are configured in a different fashion than human beings. Where humans naturally generate joy, positivity and curiosity, the negative ETs responsible for the negative grid systems have a pleasure and pain reversal in their genetic coding meaning they are sustained by negative energies in the form of pain and suffering. This includes both physical and emotional pain.

Pain and suffering are distorted patterns of light that create a disharmonious flow in a human’s body and energy field. These distortions represent perversions of pure source energy. They feel bad in a person’s body because they restrict what naturally nourishes the person as well as what reflects their personal truth with limitation.

The pain represents a refusal to fully receive light that nourishes and updates our entire body/mind/spirit system. This refusal is done in the form of beliefs that are generated or accepted through the mental body. When the mental body holds onto a limited point of view about reality, a restriction or expansion of life force may be established based on the energetic quality of the point of view. If the point of view is based in restrictive or limited energies, it will cause some pain and discomfort because those feelings are communication from the body that a point of focus is being held that leads away from the greatest good. Restrictive and limiting energies feel bad in the body because they reflect a diminishment of life force or a turning away from nourishing source-based energies.

We know that we are nourished by source energy so when we turn away from it, we begin to deny our body of the full flow of light that updates and maintains the physical body as well as their energy body. It’s only natural for the body’s alarm system to notify a person about the issue with energetic direction. Many people get confused about what the emotions mean and can get caught up looping in the patterns of negative emotions with a series of negative outcomes rather than looking at the mirroring quality of our reality and shifting what is being expressed as a way to control what is returning to them.

Despite the efforts to keep partners in separation that have been in play for many lifetimes, divine partnerships are occurring and will continue to occur as a completion of the light body template. There may be walk-ins that enter into bodies in order for people to have these unions. In this new grid, anything is possible. All timelines are nourished with attention and intention.

The reunions underway represent a higher merging in the light bodies. Many people are beginning to feel a deep stirring within their beings that generate the knowing that divine union is happening. The divine union occurs through multiple levels of the self. As multidimensional beings, we have a field of light that is made up of concentric rings of specific light frequencies.

As we gain awareness of our multidimensional self, these layers of light begin to merge. It can be seen as something like a band or orchestra. Each instrument plays a different sound and each player practices the instrument on their own. When the players come together as a group, they have already practiced by themselves so they are ready to play and the outcome is harmonious. If we create balance in the different levels of ourselves, that is, when we become harmonious throughout our entire multidimensional template, the different layers of our light body will be harmonious and not be separated into district layers of color but will be more of a movement of colored light particles.

Some people are gaining the awareness that they have been fooled by either their own inner coping mechanisms to deal with trauma, or by external forces they’ve given their sovereignty to that are actually taking them further away from divine partnership. The darker force tactics to keep people apart work because they are based in confusion around the identity of your true partner. This can be seen in a couple of different scenarios.

One is named the Alien Love Bite, by Eve Lorgen which is an externally sourced, mental manipulation designed to create a romantically harmonious attraction with a person that doesn’t have the proper spiritual DNA for partnership and possibly ascension. In the alien love bite scenario, each person can be eternally programmed to fall in and out of love at the command of whichever being has ownership and control through contracts, requests or permission. The beings that do this are the negative ETs but I also suspect that our government and military is so far taken over with synthetic or lab generated beings that they may be used to play out some of the tactics that block divine union.

The second scenario is called a limerence. This is an unfortunate circumstance in which many people may currently find themselves. A limerence is basically an inaccurate version of a person that is generated in and by the minds of another person that has unhealed trauma. We can overlay our idea of who a person is and create stories about why they are they way that they are. It can become detrimental if those stories are used to justify their choices. It is a mentally based projection in illusionary romantic scenario. One person will hold a version of reality that doesn’t match the actual reality and this can create major timeline deviations and possibly create the set-up scenario for people to unknowingly choose to stay in artificial timelines.

This sort of involuntary mental delusion is generated by people who have trauma and fear of abandonment that hasn’t be addressed or the lessons associated with their experiences haven’t been learned or integrated and turns into an intense desire to be with another. It becomes a way to cope with the painful reality of being rejected and all of the negative emotions associated with rejection and abandonment by creating a story that leads of union at some point, possibly after both parties heal.

In the circumstance of the limerence, a person is not consciously or willfully living in denial and avoidance but rather using it as a coping mechanism and survival tool from a subconscious level. This is an involuntary mental state that can be very painful for people and can lead to great regret, anger and possibly hatred if the subject of their attention chooses a different partner or refuses to reciprocate their attention and affection.

Rather than face the truth that they are not being chosen, which can be seen as rejection, they will create a false version of a person in their mind. This person may become an obsession which could lead to different life choices and an alignment with lower timelines.

There are aspects of both denial and avoidance that will need to be faced in order for the person to heal and shift into a healthier mindset. Sadly, many people will continue to avoid the sadness and pain associated with disillusionment. They need support in healing trauma so they can enter into divine union. Past life and early childhood traumas are now being purged so that people can have clarity around partnership and spiritual connections.

Other than happily married or partnered people, it seems like most people are either single or in unhappy partnerships and seeking love. Very few people I speak to are genuinely happy being single long-term and would rather have a partner that is highly compatible. It is this desire that the negative ETs have used against humans for a very long time. That time is ending with the shifting of the grids and access to the higher dimensional templates in our light bodies.

The current light code activations and grid changes are providing us with the opportunity to have clarity about the people in our lives by helping to break down the illusions generated by the negative grid and associated technology. As we gain awareness of our multidimensional nature, we experience the inner union of our masculine and feminine energies that allows us the balance to feel whole within ourselves so that we may reflect that wholeness and self love in all of our divine partnerships and friendships.

Big hugs,


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Hi Glacia, Is the meeting Sunday at 10 AM Pacific Time? thanks, Marisa

Glacia Rain
Glacia Rain

It’s at 9am pacific on every other Sunday and 5:30pm on alternating Tuesdays 🙏


Yea!!! I cancelled Patreon and I am finally on here! So looking forward to more of the journey. <3<3<3

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