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Planetary Activation of the Unity Template for Unity Consciousness - Collective Awakening

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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unity consciousness

January 2023

Unity Consciousness

Many people in the spiritual community are undergoing massive transformation on a foundational level. We are going through some of the biggest upgrades we have ever gone through and many of us have established the silver cord and channels of light to levels above 11D. This is helping us access levels of ourselves that we have previously been cut off from. This could lead to having memories from past timelines come up to be healed as well as access to higher levels of awareness, as long as you aren't entangled with false light beings or ai generated biology that would allow holographic inserts to be placed into a digital aura which is part of the false light grid.

While we may not be able to perceive everything from a higher level, we are beginning the reunification of our universal light body which gives us access to the totality of our consciousness while embodied in a physical form. We are becoming the embodiment of our spirit with our 12D awareness which has been cut off from our awareness through genetic tampering of the human template.

While this sounds wonderful and in many ways is, we first have to clear all distortions that do not represent the higher consciousness which is most of the beliefs that we have been taught and certainly most of the limitations we have bought into. This is the primary reason we have been purging heavily since 2015.

We are preparing the physical vessel to hold the higher consciousness in a reality that was generated to trap us in lower level consciousness eternally. We have been in time loops, trauma, drama and pain for far too long. We have descended into the darkness on the path of separation as far as we can without total destruction and are now making our ascent back into the higher timelines and reconnecting or uniting with all aspects of ourselves.

This reunification brings about the template of unity that many are noticing. Symptoms you experience when you carry the template of unification are: ongoing purge of all perceptions of separation, a desire to be in nature, an unwillingness to hurt others, ideas of community living, farming, choosing sustainable options, caring for your body and the planet, desire to shift into service to others whether it be through caring for the planet, animals or other people, a natural dislike of deceptive and manipulative ways of being, increasing psychic awareness, ability to feel others feelings, body sensations and awareness of others thoughts, a desire to turn toward spiritual solutions that benefit the greater good, awareness of where you are out of alignment with yourself and may other similar symptoms.

The upgrades and light code activations that we go through bring rolling waves of challenges that lead to breakdowns and breakthroughs. The breakdown and breakthroughs can leave us feeling alone, isolated, and ashamed, followed by heart expansions that allow us to forgive ourselves and others as well as to take greater accountability for our expression and creations.

The more we shift into unity consciousness, the less can be hidden from us. Many people in the collective who are not in unity consciousness or who have chose to the descending path of separation, divide and conquer, blame, shame, guilt and enslavement, will not have the same awareness and will continue to attempt to deceive others. The only people they will be able to deceive are others who are on that path. The latest activations have helped us to chisel away layers of deception, denial, distraction, and deflection. We can see, sense, feel and know the truth when we are sovereign and trusting our intuition.

Now that we have reached this level, there will be dark players attempting to pull you back into lower timelines. If they can’t do this with force, they will try to cater to your ego. They will try to build you up and maybe even try to “recruit” you to be part of their larger organization. Be very careful of what you agree to. Check in with your body and use the tools I have given you over the last couple of years. Remember that it’s ok to say “no” to others requests and invitations. The time of being the “nice guy” or pleasing others is done. We are here to serve a greater good and that comes through empowerment, not self sacrifice. We have to develop the courage and strength to walk away from all that no longer serves us, not with judgment and hatred but with gratitude and self-love.

Those who carry the template of unity have the responsibility of anchoring it into the collective timelines by being the example of it. We are not going to fight fire with fire, we are fighting fire with water now while we stop feeding it the air and wood it needs to continue burning. We are now in the questions and the choices that follow. Make sure the questions you are asking are truly the ones you’d like to see the answers to because your inner feminine/subconscious mind will show you the answers by bringing them into physical form in your reality. Since we are in accelerated energies, our thoughts, feelings, questions, projections and the like come back to us very quickly. Think of a boomerang that only goes about 2 feet out before coming back. Be ready to grab onto what you’ve asked for when it arrives or it will pass you by and you’ll have to put in the work again. Think of your creations like a garden that you have to harvest when the produce is ripe. If you are unable to harvest it then, it goes back into the earth and you have to plant it again and wait for it to ripen.

While we know we want to have unity and to be in unity consciousness, please know that it can be challenging to hold this higher template while others are descending. If others around you consistently contribute lower energies, you can feel very drained. This is not the time to place yourself in unnecessary situations that deplete and drain your life force.

Part of carrying the unity consciousness template is an increase in sensitivity to all things both physical and energetic. You will notice how you feel after eating certain foods, after going to certain locations and spending time with certain people. If it doesn’t feel good, it is not a pathway for you to walk down anymore. Even when you’re in the pain of healing when nothing feels good, there will be a pull from deep within that helps you continue pushing you through the tough moments that are representative of moving beyond your comfort zone.

As we move into 2023, we will be facing our shadows, our fears, and also our outdated programming from the old grid. If you are willing to look within, the answers will be revealed to you. Everything you need can be found within yourself while operating from the unity grid.

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