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Moving Through the

Dark Night of the Soul with Greater Ease

Move through breakdowns with greater ease

Many have heard of the Dark Night of the Soul, and many more have experienced how it breaks down one's identity and old ways of being, causing a transformation of how we perceive the world. It can feel like one of the lowest points in our lives while it burns away at limiting beliefs and patterns, clearing the way for a brighter you. In this class you will learn:

  • What are the symptoms of Dark Night of the Soul

  • How it changes your ego and identity

  • Ways to identify the main triggers

  • The multiple stages of the breakdown before your breakthrough 

  • Coping strategies to more comfortably navigate the Dark Night of the Soul

  • ... And MUCH MORE!

  • Take at your own pace

Enrollment Open


2020 - A Turning

Point for Humanity

replay of live event - Upcoming Energies of 2020

In this replay you will get an overview of what 2020 is holding for the collective including the timelines that still need to be collapsed, the split between 3D/5D and beyond as well as the choices that we face if we want to level up into the greatest expressions of our soul. 

In this class you will learn:

  • Ways we are co-creating reality together

  • Important topics that can help the ascending community

  • How to navigate through this great spiritual awakening with greater ease

  • A meditation to generate more vitality and greater health

  • Key dates for upcoming activations so you can prepare for them

Enrollment Closed


Energetic Hygiene &

Spiritual Self Defense

Maintain healthy energetic boundaries

We value the cleanliness of our physical bodies but too often, the energy body gets neglected or overlooked. Keeping the energetic, mental, spiritual and physical bodies healthy, clear and clean is a necessary skill to learn in order to navigate the ascension process. 

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Minimize energy leakages

  • Protect from energy vampirism

  • Identify and cut etheric cords

  • Determine whether an energy is organic to you, or is based externally

  • Keep your biofield clear from energetic debris

  • Disconnect from energy draining practices and energetic harvesting systems

  • Take at your own pace

Enrollment Open


Soul Recovery -

Access & Integrate Fragmented Soul Aspects 

Retrieve Soul Fractals & Fragments


Many people have experienced several lifetimes of trauma and are facing the challenging task of overcoming those traumas now.  During times of trauma, aspects of the soul get fractured and fragmented and we end up leaving a piece of ourselves behind. We must call back all aspects of ourselves in order to heal and rise up in the ascension process. 

In this event we:

  • Discuss the different aspects of the soul

  • Discover new light working techniques

  • Look at timelines, your soul and the trauma you've experienced through your soul's transit in time and space

  • Journey in consciousness back to the perfect point in time to regain access to fractured or fragmented aspects of yourself

  • Recalibrate your timelines to reflect the newly integrated aspects of yourself 

  • Build the Pillar of Light shield to safely access different timelines

Enrollment Open


Claim YourSovereignty Foundation Level

Prerequisite for Intuitive Life Coach Master Class

This course empowers you to break free of limitations that drain your energy. In weekly videos that you can watch at your own pace, you’ll learn who’s enslaving us and how you can liberate yourself to achieve wholeness and true harmony. Designed for those who are ready to step into their own power, this course is packed with useful tools and exercises that you can apply daily to your energy hygiene practice.

In this course you will discover​:

  • How to break free from energetic harvest 

  • Ways to avoid energetic traps

  • How to clear etheric parasites & entities

  • Dark & false light tactics 

  • Alignment of feminine  & masculine energies

Enrollment Open



With Your Soul's Greatest Expression

Learn to navigate timelines through intentional living 

Stepping into our inner awareness and ability to synchronize our will and timelines with our soul's greatest expression brings us closer to the higher vibrational expression we seek through ascension. Discover ways to avoid the pitfalls within the ascension process through understanding the different levels of your expression.

In this event we cover:

  • The current ascension waves and what that means for the star seeds, love workers, light workers and the rest of the ascending family

  • How we are being prepared to integrate large volumes of light after a long period of purging

  • Our multidimensional aspects and the information we are bringing into the collective.

  • Claiming our focus, or energies and directing them with intention.

  • Different ways of accessing, running and sharing light frequencies in a way that can benefit the highest good.

Enrollment Open


Working With Light- Level 1

Light infusions are a quick way to activate the natural shield around a body and keep the aura free and clear of negativity. Running white light can help heal a plethora of things in your life. In this class you will learn how to:


• Anchor light into the planetary body 

• Increase the light quotient in your body, food, beverages, etc.

• Burn off stagnant energies

• Amplify any intentions 

• Boost the light quotient of the overall collective field

• Purify the energy of your home and physical objects that come into your life

•…. And MUCH MORE!

This course will contain prerecorded videos, written content, exercises for practice, guided meditations, quizzes and a bonus live webinar to ask questions that may come up. 

Enrollment Open


Heal Ancestral Trauma

Healing from ancestral and past life trauma can be very challenging due to the fact that we very rarely remember the original traumatic experience. Most of us are born into a life that already has trauma imprints in the body's consciousness. Often, we know we feel bad or have certain triggers or "issues" to resolve but we don't understand why we feel the way we do.  In this live event, we will: 

  • Discuss ancestral, past life and current life trauma imprints in greater detail 

  • Clear some of the major trauma imprints that are rampant in the collective such as despair, devastation, betrayal, abandonment, deception, insecurity and fear

  • Develop the ability to move through triggers in an effective way to help facilitate your overall healing and ascension process. 

Enrollment Closed




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