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"Welcome! We have found each other on this mysterious and wonderful path of life. What road would you be willing to walk if it changed everything?

I can assist you in healing and empowering your life's journey, transforming inner shadow into light, and making dreams become reality"

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Synchronize With Your Soul's Greatest Expression 

Access the replay - Watch as many times as you'd like! 

Soul Recovery 

Live Event

Includes access to the replay.

In this event, we  discuss the current ascension energies and what that means for the star seeds, love workers, light workers and the rest of the ascending family.

We are being preparing to integrate large volumes of light after a long period of purging the density from a series of 3D lifetimes. During this process we are experiencing a variety of ascension symptoms as well as having doubts, confusion and insecurities rise to the surface.

If we unite as sovereign beings, we can manifest and co-create the New Earth reality many of us have chosen to be here for. It is up to each of us to claim our focus, or energies and direct them with intention. As beings that know of this great awakening, we must use the information we gain to help support others in their awakening.

Developing the ability to use light frequencies with intention is a great place to start living with intention. We will cover different ways of accessing, running and sharing light frequencies in a way that can benefit the highest good.

Stepping into our inner awareness and ability to synchronize our will and timelines with our souls greatest expression brings us closer to the higher vibrational expression we seek through ascension.

Discover ways to avoid the pitfalls associated with the ascension process and your personal evolution through understanding the different levels of your expression.


In this live event, we will be discussing the different aspects of the soul. Many people have experienced several lifetimes of trauma and are facing the challenging of overcoming those traumas now. 
Discover light working techniques as well as new ways of looking at timelines, your soul and the trauma you've experienced through your souls journey.
After this event, you will know how to remove aspects of yourself from the collapsing timelines to recall them back into yourself as well as learning new ways to purify the different aspects of yourself with specific light frequencies while retaining the wisdom gained during your souls adventures. 
A recording will available after the event ends so you do not have to be at the live event to participate.

Coming 6/2020: Claim Your Sovereignty


This powerful course empowers you to break free of energetic traps that drain your energy and limit you. In weekly videos that you can watch at your own pace, you’ll learn who’s enslaving us and how you can liberate yourself to achieve wholeness and true harmony. Designed for those who are ready to step into their own power, this course is packed with useful tools and exercises that you can apply daily to your energy hygiene practice.

Registration opens May 1, 2020. Space is limited. 

Claim Your Sovereignty is a recommended prerequisite for the Intuitive Life Coach Master Class. 

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