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Many of us have had or are currently having experiences in life we wish we could forget about or let go of. We feel stuck with the emotions and bad memories that prevent us from fully living our lives and often times, we unknowingly create limiting beliefs or develop negative patterns as a result. Sometimes, we find ourselves following a set of guidelines or rules in our lives that weren't actually chosen by us, rather, they were imprinted on us by our parents, siblings, teachers or other people in our early communities.


By following these guidelines that aren't part of our chosen path, we may develop a lack of trust in ourselves or another form of self rejection. This results in our lives not working the way we would like them to and that, in turn, can lead to a variety of negative emotions or even worse, detrimental bodily conditions.



We end up surviving rather than thriving. We have entered a time when just surviving is no longer an acceptable way of living. Many people are searching for answers which will lead them to a new way of living. A way to let go of the past, change negative patterns and release emotional trauma or pain.

You may be in the beginning or middle stages of the great ascension process or spiritual awakening.  You could feel like you no longer fit into your old life, with your old friends or your old way of being but don't quite know where they fit or what direction to go in. You may feel lost, confused and full of unanswered questions.  Are you desiring and asking for something more but don't know what would be the most rewarding and fulfilling choice to make? You could be having bizarre or alarming experiences that are a normal part of the ascension process but unless you know whats going on, you may feel like you are losing your grasp on reality, going insane or even worse, dying! This can be scary and overwhelming at times. Its important to know you're not alone and you don't have to go through this or figure this challenging time out by yourself.

 I can help you design a life through intention, empowered decisions and inspired action. This is a life many people are seeking. Clarity, purpose and a life full of joy, happiness and inner peace is not only possible for you but is waiting for you. You are free to choose any type of life you'd like to live but you've got to make the choice. Do you want to thrive or just survive? 

By receiving coaching with me, you are able to receive the support necessary to look into your subconscious mind as well as access your higher self or superconscious mind for guidance. It will also help you gain insight into hidden roadblocks that prevent your success and well being. There is no need to struggle to find answers or to continue to guess or learn by mistake. Get answers now! You have all the answers inside you, it's just a matter of tapping into them. 

I can tune into your energy body and clear any blocks that may be causing the chronic or recent injuries and pain you are experiencing. I also tune into your emotional and mental bodies to remove any blockages that would have the injuries or pain linger or return. You may want to get or give a session for fun.


I am able to tune into your past lives, or get a glimpse at possible future experiences you are currently aligned with. I can get a snapshot of your energetic signature and see if there are ways to fast track to reach your goals or obstacles and problems you can avoid stumbling on. I am able to tune into people to see if a specific endeavor is in your highest good, whether this endeavor is in romance, business or personal, I can help you gain access to the insight you need to make the best choice possible.

I can support you in healing physical ailments through a variety of techniques and health coaching. 


Gift Sessions are available so you can give the gift of clarity, freedom from pain, illness or emotional suffering and help your loved ones move forward toward actualizing their dreams. 



The Higher self goes by more than one name including the True Self, the All Knowing Self, and the Eternal Self amongst other names.  Everyone has a Higher Self. It is the all knowing part of us that is connected to our Source energy, whatever you believe that Source to be. It is the part of us that can provide answers and insight to challenges and tough questions when we need it the most. It is the eternal part of each of us that exists beyond the restrictions of time and space and has an overview of our overall purpose and well being.  Everyone is able to hear their Higher Self, though many are unable to completely trust the guidance they hear of feel is that of the Higher Self and not the ego or subconscious mind. 

Your higher self is a part of you that you must connect to on the inside. It is an inner voice that guides you and when you listen to and learn to recognize it, the truth it brings can be felt as an uplifting feeling in the core of your body. It is always a loving or at least neutral voice and will never criticize you or instigate feelings of guilt, hatred or other negative emotions. It is your true self and can be felt as inner peace and harmony. 


 Unfortunately, the Higher Self is not the only inner voice for many. Most people are afflicted with several inner critics who offer limiting beliefs that muddle the guidance received by an individual's Higher Self creating a convoluted message that results in confusion and continued turmoil or indecision. Learning to distinguish the difference takes patience and dedication. If you don't have time to develop this ability immediately  and you need answers now, I can tune in for you. Together we will find the answers and direction you're looking for. 


Energy healing is the clearing, cleansing and healing of your energy body. Your energy body is responsible for nourishing your physical body so having blocks in the flow of your energy can cause your energy body to become depleted. This depletion can result in a variety of physical ailments, all of which can be treated with Energy Healing Sessions. These include just about anything the body is "fighting" to get rid of including tough or chronic illness, chronic fatigue, migraines, chronic pain, neck and back pain, nerve pain, declining vision or hearing, depression, anxiety, and more.
I will not be diagnosing any type of illness, disease or medical condition, I can provide a treatment regiment that will work in conjunction with the one your doctor has prescribed. I provide an additional options to greatly reduce pain and other symptoms to help your body restore itself to its greatest possible health and well being. It will take more than one session to accomplish major healing results, however, each session makes a big difference in your overall wellness. Please know that I assist your body in healing itself. You're body has an innate wisdom that allows it to self-regulate and heal. I support your body by clearing stagnant and detrimental psychic energies as well as contributing specific frequencies that boost your body's natural healing process. 


Glacia Rain, President and Founder of the Ascension Consciousness Learning Society™  is a Certified Life Coach fulfilling a mission to assist in planetary acceleration of consciousness evolution. One of YouTube’s popular intuitives with thousands of global followers and subscribers, she offers one-of-a kind, proprietary learning events designed to support others in claiming their spiritual sovereignty and to step into their true power as creator beings. Glacia is dedicated to aiding others in connecting to their higher selves and stepping onto their true path. 
Glacia started studying natural healing and metaphysical arts at age 12 and began formal professional training in a variety of transformational consciousness techniques in 2007. She specializes in healing current and past life trauma as well as ancestral trauma and collective limitation patterns passed through the generations. Her ability to connect with transcendent universal consciousness, as well accessing the higher self of others, brings immediate revelational awareness and solutions to long standing issues. She teaches others how to tune into and progress towards their greatest divinity expression. 

Areas of Focus

*Ascension Symptoms

*Ascension Awareness
*Spiritual Contracts

*Stress & Anxiety
*Finances & Manifestation
*Life Purpose & Path
*Life Direction
*Clearing Emotional Trauma
*Clearing Limiting Beliefs
*Clearing Negative Life Patterns
*Love & Relationships
*Family & Personal Relationships
*Health & Well Being
*Self Love & Acceptance
*Self Belief & Trust
*Letting Go of the Past
*Creating Future Paths

*Ability to Receive

Skills, Training & 


• Advanced Pranic Healing

. Access Consciousness Bars

• Pranic Psychotherapy
• Universal Intelligence All Knowing Mentor
• Neuro Linguistic Life Coach
• EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - Advanced Level
• Clinical Hypnotherapy - Master Level
• Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy - Master Level
• Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Master Level
• Past Life Regression Therapy
• Time Line Therapy
• Ordained Minister

*Time Line Coach

*Quantum Touch

*Etheric Implant Removal

*Entity Attachment Removal

*Bio-field Adjustments

*Ancestral Trauma Liberation

*Health Coach

*Holistic Nutrition



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