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Quick Energy Tune-up - To Rejuvenate Your Body With Light Glacia Rain
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Start by centering yourself in your heart and activating your heart center.  Set your intentions to be for the highest good and remain pure in your expression yet stand in your true power as a free being. 

Move into your heart to connect to the eternal living light source of all that is. 


State “Eternal Living Light Source, please witness the revocation of any and all limiting, binding or diminishing contracts made on false ideas or beliefs an under any deceptive or manipulative tactics and strategies of any kind throughout all time, space and creation.”


Next you’re going to move the energy from your heart into the earth beneath your feet. 


Ground your energies deeper into the earth's core and request the presence and participation of the earth's spiritual body during this revocation process. 


State "I call up all spiritual contracts that exist with any of the enslavement systems, inverted grids, or false identities on the planet or beyond, in any dimension, space, time, timeline, lifetime, reality, plane of existence or level of creation.  This includes all counter copies, duplicates, back-up copies, mirrored versions, irrevocable contracts, scrolls or seals placed on me, as well as contracts that exist as a hologram, symbol, sound, sigil or seal. 


Call forth any contracts that suggest powerlessness, victim consciousness, ego based living or disconnection from your higher self, multidimensional aspects and infinite wisdom.  


Call in your earthly and universal identity to witness this revocation and healing at this present moment, see yourself as sovereign and in your power, notice what  you look like


State “I revoke and declare that all vows, contracts and the like with any of the enslavement systems including the media, for profit medical systems and corporations, banking systems, governments, and all energies, physical or non-physical, known or unknown, seen or unseen, and with people and properties associated with any of these systems that are not based absolute truth, transparency and the highest good,


"I declare all of the above to be now null and void throughout all dimensions, time, space, realities, planes of existence and levels of creation.”


“I reclaim and recall back to the present moment any and all energy, spiritual aspects, body parts, and memories  that was taken, stolen, harvested, forced out of me through fear or trauma, or coerced out of me through tricks, lies and deception. I call back all of my soul fractals and soul fragments from any of the lifetimes or timelines corrupted by any of the vows or contracts made with any of the systems of enslavement.”


“I reclaim my sovereignty as a free will being and cosmic agent. It is commanded that any and all communication or connection with me by any of the above mentioned systems be based in absolute truth and transparency. 


“Any entities, etheric parasites, etheric implants, psychic hooks, etheric technology, super computers, military agents, false light beings, or any other agents of enslavement are now banished from interacting with me in any way, shape or form that is not based in my highest good. It is commanded that any of these aforementioned beings that I am currently contracted with, have the opportunity to leave this reality peacefully or be immediately removed and transmuted by the light of the source of all that is. Any beings who violate this term of interactions agree to be permanently removed from this planet and multidimensional grid system with the support of earth’s guardians enforcement of my terms of interaction.”


“I revoke all connection, communication and co-creation with any false light beings or any other beings working against humanity and the ascension process.”


These beings are not our enemies, they are just cut off from their own access to source light and have become parasitic. You are helping them return home to reach the place of their highest expression. 


Next command that “all overlays, imprints, corrupt DNA coding, false identities, memory implants, mind viruses, frequency based programs and any implanted limiting beliefs associated with any of the contracts or vows is now being completely removed and transmuted.”  Go directly to the level of the source of all that is and bring back a hose of high frequency light. Request the help and support of the eternal mother, eternal father and the eternal source to assist with the clearing so it is complete, permanent and banned from being reinstated under any terms. 


Completely immerse yourself in the high frequency light (found within you) of the eternal source by showering your entire being with it. See, sense or feel it emanating from your heart area and showering down around your entire being. Everything the light touches is transformed and transmuted by that light. Watch all of the overlays, imprints and other attempts to enslave you wash out of your energy system and returned to pristine light. Continue this process until you are radiant and glowing with pure source based light. 


Next you will connect with the spirit of the earth and the Infinite Source to establish the reimplementation of your original soul agreement and expression so that you may freely pursue your soul’s greatest expression. This is between you, the earth and the eternal source only. (Do NOT call in any "spirit guides, guardian angels, archangels, ascended masters, galactic federations or any space based Commands" or you will not actually claim your sovereignty, you will simply be reinstating everything you just cleared.)


Once you’ve restored your original agreements with the spirit of the earth and the Eternal Source of all that is, thank all of your ancestors, soul aspects, earth and Source for taking part in witnessing the revocations. 


Enter the changes into Earth’s Akashic Records for all beings to see throughout all time, space, reality, dimension, level of creation, plane of existence and density. 


Claim Your Sovereignty - Ascension Consciousness Learning Society 2021 All Rights Reserved 

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