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Level 1
Understand the nature of unseen realms of entities, elementals, angels, demons and false light beings.
Learn the ways you are being held back and sabotaged both internally and externally.
Develop your ability to evaluate external sources of information.
Increase your intuition and psychic abilities.
Gain a deeper understanding of how to ask for and receive support from universal forces.
Liberate yourself from the New Age Deception consciousness trap. 
Stay on track with weekly home play that includes step by step instructions to increase extra sensory awareness.

Level 2
Understand how your inner energy systems work. 
Practice gentle exercises to improve energy flow, increase patience and amplify inner peace. 
Get to know your internal landscape to develop healthy inner dialogue, morals, ethics, and boundaries.
Know the signs of being targeted by military and dark forces.

Use light working and energy cleansing techniques to heal and energize your body, house, office, pets and projects. 
Understand how to maintain and further increase sovereignty. 
Practice new skills and tools with home play that maintains positive progression through the class. 

Level 3
Discover the multiple layers and aspects of yourself to create unity and flow through all levels of yourself. 
Access higher levels of consciousness by going within.
Develop clear communication with your higher self.
Shift lifestyle habits to access 
energetic liberation. Enjoy spiritual sovereignty through continued practice 
of sovereignty tools.
Increase joy and prosperity by shifting your personal financial paradigm. Master the use of your words and access new tools to shift the way you use them. 

When : September 24th - September 25th
Saturday 9am to 6pm Pacific
Sunday 9am to 6pm Pacific

Online via Zoom Meetings
Over 15 hours of live class time 
Free 30 minute personal support session per participant.
Replays of classes available for 14 days, but live participation is strongly encouraged to create true and lasting change.
Downloadable workbook makes note taking easier, helps you remember key points, and track progress. 
Access to dedicated online group so you can chat and share with fellow class members.
Downloadable meditation to generate inner peace and a quiet sacred space in the center of your being. 
Revocations and clearing questions to remove and release soul contracts and limiting beliefs.

Early Registration Tuition $800 USD until September 15th, 2022
Tuition $1,011 USD after September 15th, 2022