Quantum Energy Coding Technique Package

Schedule all four sessions at once or book as needed. $699

  • 1 hour
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Service Description

This session is available after you've had an Intuitive Life Coaching session with me. We will build on the clearing we've created in the previous session. Clear ancestral trauma and past pain to heal in the present. In the Quantum Coding Coding Technique™ Session, we will discover the energy and emotional blocks that are holding you back and we can look at the origin of when and where they came from. Many people are having to clear not only their past lives but also clear their family's entire lineage in order to collapse these old timelines and rise up in vibration to reach the 5D timelines. When dealing with past life or cellular memory in your body, its important to know that these create the patterns in your life that don't make sense and most people often get stuck trying to understand and clear something that isn't visible. This is where I come in to help you discover what, when and how to clear it. These patterns can show up in the emotional body as painful feelings, repeating patterns of abandonment and rejection or fear but they can also show up as dis-ease in the body. These physical symptoms can take on the form of an illness or diminished condition in the body because your body has to show you in the physical what is trapped in the mental and emotional bodies. What a sweet friend your body is but now it's time to help it reflect health and well being. I look forward to help you achieve emotional freedom, joy and comfort. Please email ascension@glaciarain.com with any questions regarding your upcoming session.

Cancellation Policy

To avoid forfeiting the session and all related costs, you may reschedule your appointment no less than 24 hours before the scheduled time. All cancellations will incur a $140 administrative fee that will not be refunded.

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Bellingham, WA, USA