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Personal Coaching Sessions Package $699

Schedule all four sessions at once or book as needed.

  • 1 h
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  • All sessions are done through SIGNAL. Please download app

Service Description

The Intuitive Life Coaching and Empowerment Session is sold as a package and reflects your commitment to invest in your own well-being.  In these sessions you can anticipate the same as the Intuitive Life Coaching Session with the added benefit of continuing the healing by going deeper into any issue and allowing us the time to work on more than one issue or area of life at a time. This consists of four 60 minute sessions that can be done over one calendar year. Intuitive Life Coaching Session Description: The most in depth and powerful session I offer. In this session you can anticipate that I deliver messages from your Higher Self and Subconscious Mind. I start out by cutting any etheric or energetic cords that may be negatively impacting your well-being. I will scan your energy body for any imbalances, weak spots or holes in your energy field and then begin repairing them. I will scan your chakras and determine the level of healing work that needs to be done to address your specific needs. In addition to Pranic Healing, we may also explore the other techniques I am trained in. We can work on specific issues or you can have a general reading done that allows your Higher Self to give you the most important messages about what you need to know in order to heal rapidly and effectively as well as steps you can take on your own to maintain and further the healing you achieve in our session.   Because I have been experiencing unresolved issues receiving payments for over a year, you will now receive a Paylink in order to use credit or debit cards. Paylink payments must be received within 24 hours to reserve your appointment. I look forward to supporting you through this courageous time in your healing process and ascension journey! Please email with any questions regarding your upcoming sessions. The 60 minute sessions are only sold as a package. For single sessions, please use the 45 minute Intuitive Life Coaching Session

Cancellation Policy

To avoid forfeiting the session and all related costs, you may reschedule your appointment no less than 24 hours before the scheduled time. All cancellations will incur a $140 administrative fee that will not be refunded.

Contact Details

Bellingham, WA, USA

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