Biofield & Energy Center Tune-up Package

Schedule all four sessions at once or book as needed. $699

  • 1 hour
  • All sessions are done through SIGNAL. Please download app

Service Description

In these sessions, I will work with your subtle energy body and look for any congested or depleted areas. Life force is also known as chi, ki or prana. When it becomes depleted or congested in your energy body and etheric energy is not able to flow freely to renew your body, negative emotional and physical symptoms manifest. I will cut the etheric cords or negative attachments to other people that can leave you feeling depleted. I will also energize your biofield/aura and energy centers/chakras leaving you feeling revitalized. This is not a psychic reading session, this is an energy clearing and balancing session. Please choose the Intuitive Life Coaching session to get a psychic reading. The times shown in the schedule are in the Pacific/Seattle Time Zone unless you used the pop-up to convert it to your timezone.

Cancellation Policy

To avoid forfeiting the session and all related costs, you may reschedule your appointment no less than 24 hours before the scheduled time. All cancellations will incur a $140 administrative fee that will not be refunded.

Contact Details

Bellingham, WA, USA