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Symptoms Of Stepping Into Multidimensional Awareness During Ascension

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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Symptoms Of Stepping Into Multidimensional Awareness During Ascension

Many people are going through immense changes right now. There are a lot of questions and quite of bit of insecurity as we progress forward in our ascension journey. Collectively and individually, will begin to see through what seem to be different sets of eyes. This means depending on which perspective you are looking from, you will see something and experience something that is very different. It may be a similar experience you’ve had before but you will see it through a different perspective. You may even look in the mirror at times and notice that you look different to yourself.

There will be moments in which you question everything that you believe in. You question everyone around you. You will wonder what is real and what is part of a program, illusion or inserted memory or experience. There will be moments that your life seems too unreal to be real. For many, this can seem like your entire world being turned upside down. Where nothing is as it seems. This is a good place to start. It feels like nothing is as it seems because it is not. Most of what we are looking at is a program designed to hook and ensnare you into frequency fencing and to continue to power up a system that holds your 3D self hostage and is designed to keep you disconnected from your multidimensional self. We are naturally multidimensional beings.

The bio-electrical currents and structures within the earth are being rewired for greater conductivity. This is being done with light. Each electrical housing unit is being amplified to generate a larger reach. This is being done in the planetary grid systems of the earth and inside the human body as well as the bodies of earth beings. This is in preparation for the return of our natural planetary grid system and the higher dimensional light codes and information sets that flow into it which we have not had access to in a very long time.

The current financial system is based on debt and enslavement that is a form of dark magic or intentional negative creation energies. It will eventually be wiped clean from the enslavement coding as well as the debt based profit system created by the elite rulers and will be based more on a system of each person’s ability to use their unified light body to generate their timeline experiences in prosperity and abundance from unformed matter rather than from limiting spiritual contracts.

Once this system is cleaned up through the truth being exposed, there will be a redistribution of wealth and funds in a new way that is necessary to bring a sense of security back to the general population of the entire planetary population. This will involve a lot of large and small changes and is more of a progression of changes and not the current financial system crashing and a new one coming about after that.

However, the system being restructured during this time will have to undergo a great deal of examination and in a variety of ways. This will take time to play out. Many different types of currency will come into play as will a growing desire to be part of a community, to contribute, to make a difference for others and to share the bounty like the earth, sun and pure source life force and living light energy do.

The human template is being upgraded so that each individual can feel into the collective consciousness grid. This has been startling and shocking for some as they begin to feel the emotions and feelings of others around them. For empaths, this has resulted as an increase in empathic abilities and the near overload of energetic debris of the awakening masses.

This has increased the desire within many to retreat into solitude for deep soul searching, introspection, examination of beliefs as well as a sort of life review through a variety of memories and senses.

The spiritual DNA is being brought back to it original configuration of the cosmic access key for multidimensional experience. This may sound like far-out-there information but its not when you consider that we have been mislead to believe the programmed reality within the synthetic timelines that are within this fallen universal grid system overlay, which is a form of inverted or light code reversal grid system.

Ascension doesn’t have to be scary or brutal. It can be that way if you meet it with resistance but you can also choose to meet it with flow. When you allow yourself to move through it without resistance, you don’t get stuck in negative patterns of any type of blame/shame/guilt programs or any type of self diminishing, self-punishing programs. This requires attention to your mind and emotions as well as a dedication to reprogramming your mind to work for you rather than against you.

It’s important to know that the ascension process takes time. It’s not something to be rushed or even compared to somebody else’s experience. Each person will have a unique process although some of the ascension related experiences are felt by many.

Some of these include:

  • Examining your belief systems which can cause insecurity

  • Feeling unsure about what is real or not real

  • A sense of waking up to a world that you didn’t realize existed

  • Being unsure about your path forward or what purpose you are here to serve

  • Curiosity about galactic history and your multidimensional template

  • A desire for change in this world and an unwillingness to participate in corrupt systems

  • Feeling lost or confused

  • A strong need to be in nature or to connect with natural elements

  • More self care and changing your routine to reflect self love instead of self-sacrifice

Another experience many are having is the recognition there are shadow governments and predatory beings including many people, that exist and have existed for a very long time. These forces are losing control now and we have entered into a part of the ascension process that allows us to move back upwards toward the truth of our nature as eternal beings. This leads to all beings beginning to reap what we have sown through all of our lifetimes. Not as a punishment but as a law of reciprocity and compensation in play.

Our reality is shifting very rapidly as we wind down these synthetic timelines and eradicate any of the holographic technology used to trap or ensnare souls in a fallen grid system. Time loops and energy harvesting grids that used human suffering and other human emotions to power different systems are being taken down through a major network of planetary grid workers as well as the growing awareness of these systems.

It is a very important time for each person to take the greatest care of their health right now. They physical body has to undergo a lot of changes to keep up with the transformation taking place within the earth’s body. The changes to the etheric template will create immense shifts to the human physical body which has been repeating the same process within this level of reality for a very long time up until recently.

People will naturally go through a detoxification process which could be very uncomfortable for some if they do not support their body properly. It is really important to get plenty of high quality water that can flush toxins and cellular debris from the body as well as to hydrate the cells for best information distribution as the light enters into each cell.

The detoxification process is not just in the physical body. It is a process of purging the old self, the old body, the old identity that worked in the old grid. When you purge your negative self or negative body, you release yourself from the traps in the negative grid.

When a person stays hydrated, some of the ascension symptoms can be lessened. Knowing that there’ll be an increased desire to turn to coping mechanisms, distractions, drugs, alcohol, food, sex, or any obsessive or addictive behaviors, each person will be faced with the challenge of mastering themselves through will power and self control along with tuning into their inner spirit to connect with their inner most core. All of these coping mechanisms are all to be looked at as a sort rite of passage into self-mastery.

I read a statement once that I will paraphrase “You are not sovereign if you cannot control the substances that you put into your body” and it has always stuck with me. It just makes so much sense. Most of us give into our cravings, our addictions and our indulgences and most often with a variety of excuses or justifications. Let’s be real. Nobody starts out needing any recreational drugs, alcohol, sex or junk food. All of those are at first, explorations, then indulgences and possibly become addictions.

Any substance used to escape your current challenge or reality will most likely result in the return of the same problem or challenge as soon as the substance wears off. Hence the addiction pattern. These can help you develop self mastery or they can keep you in a time loop. The choice is up to you. Mental control along with personal willpower have everything to do with with achieving mastery or running in circles until that circle becomes a downward spiral.

The body likes food, sex, physical touch and comfort. The mind wants to be stimulated by processing thoughts and figuring things out. The emotions are the response system that alerts you through feelings that your thoughts are doing something counterproductive to your greatest good. Your emotions along with gut feelings will tell you when something isn’t right for you, including your own thoughts and the thoughts of others that you may pick up on in their field. You will notice the messages coming from each, although they are components of an entire system so they are not actually separate. They have unique functions and each serve a unique purpose within your system. However, the mind is the level of consciousness in which the emotional and physical body have to respond to.

Developing self-mastery is part of the ascension process. The current ascension process includes facing the shadow. Acknowledging where you are not being who you want to be and facing the fears associated with healing the shadow aspect, which includes looking at where you have done things that bring shame, blame or guilt so you can clear that mental program for good. We all make mistakes, we all grow, and blame, shame and guilt are not appropriate long term energies to run. The mind is responsible for either maintaining or clearing them.

Most people avoid facing their shadow aspect but the light codes that come in will continue to trigger the increasing awareness of what needs to be healed with the support of the higher consciousness in the light codes and ascension waves that are coming in.

In essence, the collective will continue to awaken at an accelerated rate which is going to push most beyond their comfort zone. This is necessary to break free from old programs, to clear the negative ego, to face the shadow self and to begin the reconnection and remembrance of being multidimensional, to remembering who you really are and stepping into empowerment as an awakened eternal spirit in an embodiment experience.

In loving kindness and compassion,


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