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Are We Bound By Fate & Destiny?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

What is my fate and destiny?

Many people choose to believe in fate or destiny. Whether it presents a positive or a negative outcome, it seems like these two ideas bring comfort to people who prefer to know what is coming up in their timelines rather than to live in the unpredictability of the unknown.

Many of us enjoy looking at our horoscopes or the current arrangement of the stars. We use these tools to make sense of what is occurring in our lives and as a way to get a general sense about our personalities and identity choices. Some say their life is written in the stars and adhere to the negative or positive point of view about the upcoming celestial events.

What is the difference between fate and destiny you may wonder. Fate is a force that predetermines events and makes them an inevitable outcome, often an adverse outcome.

Destiny implies a predetermined outcome by a specific force but lends itself toward the beneficial and positive outcomes.

Predictable Future

Fate and destiny can provide us with a somewhat predictable future outcome that we are given by the invisible force within each of them. With this perspective, we are placing our creator role and choice in the moment outside of ourselves as soon as we agree to have the invisible force of fate work against us. The same could be true with destiny working for us in the creation of our reality. It all depends on how we see it.

We need to ask ourselves what are the forces of fate and destiny backed by? What are the rules that apply to their places in our lives? Are they assigned by some external force that is controlling reality? Are we sovereign or are we tools or agents in some larger plan?

Look outside of yourself

Because fate and destiny are often believed to be powers that exist beyond a person’s control, to agree to them suggests that forces beyond yourself control your future possibilities, probabilities and outcome to any situations. You would be playing a part that is just along for the ride without any say in the matter. Fate and destiny could play the role of good luck and bad luck in our lives. Each labeled according to how things are playing out in any given moment.

Adhere to External Forces

When we agree to fate and destiny as an external force, we become a victim of them. We hand our power over to any type of outcome those forces would like to generate for us. We could look at many different belief systems that have been created to tell us who we are supposed to be. Many of these belief systems set up the power structure to be outside of each person as if they have to go find it. The truth is, each person is born with everything they will ever need. We are in perfect harmony within a large quit of quantum energy, arranging and rearranging itself constantly according to incoming imprints.

If we look at fate and destiny as powers within that can be directed by each individual, then we step into greater sovereignty. The interesting thing at hand is that way that we perceive these energies has everything to do with how they can play out in our lives. If we view them as out of our control, then we can easily set up some type of authority figure that must exist to maintain some type of control over the lives of others. If we look at fate as the negative things we do to others coming back around to balance our lives out, the idea of fate could potentially fit into the area of karmic justice or the completion of the golden rule extended from the hands of the universe.


When we agree to have choice, we will have to determine to what extent of that choice is to know if fate and destiny can play a role in it. Do we have choice within a fated outcome it is destined to happen? Is there a choice or change that can be made?

Some people believe in fate or destiny as if their life has been predetermined. While some of it may have been, for the most part, it would all have to be arranged according to choice and not just within this lifetime but within all of them. While fate or a specific course is what many beings may set out as an experience they would like to have, its important to think about the idea that we have choice throughout all of our lifetimes which allows us to make dramatic changes on the journey of our consciousness but if we are listening to our higher self, we can get in the flow of a higher plan from a greater part of our being. This doesn’t mean that we have a path laid out in front of us, it means, we have on the spot guidance to help us navigate the ever changing terrain of this reality.

Each person’s choices sets into motion actions and reactions around the world. Our energetic expressions are like little ripples that move out from our center and bump into each other to create different energetic expressions. It’s almost like we are all pieces in a puzzle that are dripping with color, blending into each other to make a wonderful chaotic mess of a collective painting.

Even if you preprogram your life and follow your higher self’s guidance, you will be in the moment with it rather than in destiny or fate. It is hard to force things to happen when everyone is co-creating reality in the moment. The way the timelines are being assembled from non-matter to matter and form is different than it has been in the reversal grid. Things are assembling much faster meaning you can make changes and have them show up pretty rapidly in your life. Rapid or accelerated manifestation can lead you into different timelines that reflect different choices. Remember, there are infinite timelines to choose from.

We can look at fate and destiny as something we have the ability to choose from and decide upon. We can see it is something closer to the law of attraction and reciprocity. What we have contributed to the collective field is sure to come back to us. However, we do not have to fear retribution by any higher power since it would only be our energy and vulnerability to our own creation that would allow us to have a negative experience .We must understand though, that what we create, good, bad or otherwise, we will have a full circle experience with it. In other words, what goes around, comes back around. It is in this reciprocal law of our reality that we often get confused about our choices. Since there is lag time between what you put out there compared to what comes back, we often don't see the original choice that leads us into some of our experiences.

Our positivity, goodwill and kindness will come back to us naturally, which in a sense could be a force that backs up or perhaps is the force of destiny. Our intentions and beliefs in either fate or destiny can determine the most probable outcome for any situation. However, our ability to focus properly and work with the subconscious mind could also lend itself toward the side of the idea of destiny and the forces that back it.

New Context

So let’s recap the context of these two words again now. Let’s look at fate as a negatively oriented point of view focused on the things you lack or don’t want in your life to generate a negative outcome. Then let’s look at destiny as a positively oriented point of view and a willingness to receive all that you’ve got the courage to ask for.

We can reframe the word destiny with the idea of deliberate create of intentional manifestation. When we intentionally generate energies, ideas, images and feelings toward a desired outcome, we would, in essence, be creating our destiny. In this regard, we can look at destiny as something we can redesign along our journey so we don’t feel the cold hand of fate upon us.

Your highest path

We all have something along the lines of a greatest path or greatest expression. It’s not a path set in stone or something that you have to accomplish in a certain way. Your greatest expression is your free will journey that you follow along with by pursuing your greatest joy. When you allow yourself to be lead by your inner source, a.k.a. higher self, you will most likely line up with your greatest and highest path. You get to generate your greatest path according to your greatest joy. Some may not think it is possible that this is actually how the reality here works because they aren't enjoying what they are choosing. If you’ve ever followed even the slightest information about the law of attraction, you can see that this is at the foundation of it. Following the greatest joy makes everything else that you do, more fun.

The beautiful nature of your greatest expression is that it is changeable, malleable and flexible. It’s not one specific or clearly defined thing, but several choices that can all support that same level of a joyful expression. Our highest path is filled with choices and opportunities which can lead us further into joyful expression as long as we maintain a higher perspective. The path in front of us mirrors our perspective so choosing to see things from the highest point of view possible and without judgment provides us with a beautiful, opportunity filled path in front of us. Remember that the physical reality reflects our dominant mental projections.

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