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3 Easy Ways To Create Sacred Space

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

sacred space

Ascension Consciousness Blog

Published October 2022

Creating Sacred Space

We live in a very busy world and many of us have hectic schedules while walking a fine line of balancing our responsibilities and falling behind. Because of this, we can tend to forget to take care of ourselves and to create sacred space. The benefit of creating sacred space both within yourself and your environment is that it allows access to higher consciousness and gives you a chance to communicate with your inner guidance.

When we think of self-care, we think about things like massages, naps, walks, self-care days, nourishing foods and beverages and taking time to yourself. As far as creating sacred space, many people probably don’t take the time to do this, may not understand the importance of it or may not even know what it is.

Sacred space is first generated within. It is a space that you are connected to your inner source and have left all of the worlds heaviness, judgements, trauma, and such out of this space. In the sacred space you connect to all that is as an eternal being.

Once this space is generated within, it will begin to be reflected in the world around you. A person that has generated a sacred space within will seek to create beauty in the environment around them as a way to express the inner harmony that has been achieved. If they cannot create sacredness in the space around them, they will leave it to seek a location that supports sacred space. This is part of the natural progression of the ascension process.

This can be seen in the renewal felt after spending time in nature and away from devices, electricity and the toxicity of the city, wifi, and indoors. Taking the time to harmonize the body, mind and spirit can take a little time and effort in our fast paced society. I have included three different steps to help you generate more sacred space in your life.

1. Clear out clutter and any belongings that hold memory or charge. We can begin to accumulate a lot of different material items in our homes. It’s important to remember that material items can hold energetic imprints and may need to be cleaned and cleared or removed from your home. We also have to clear out any used items that may have been gifted to us or purchased from second-hand or antique stores.

To clear energy out of your material items, you’ll need to generate and stream vibrant violet light toward and through the item. In order to activate the flow of the sparkling violet light, start out by taking a few deep breaths in and out and create a wave like motion with your breath. Next, intend that light in the colors of white mixed in with sparkling violet and instruct it to dissolve and disintegrate all negative psychic energies and any energetic residue from any past place, people or events. Continue flowing this light through the item or items for a couple of minutes or until you are satisfied with the results.

2. Practice a short daily meditation to tune in with your inner guidance. Do this in the same space everyday as a way to train yourself to enter into your inner space rapidly. It only takes a few minutes and if practiced daily, will start to develop a strong foundation of access to your inner knowing with clarity and ease. The more you train yourself to go within your inner stillness for answers, the more it becomes second nature or handled by your inner autopilot program. This means you will naturally start to respond to the world through that sacred inner space rather than in any scattered or mixed energies around you in that moment.

To do this process, you simply need to sit comfortably in a quiet space and think of a question or topic that you’d like more information on. Set your intention to connect with your inner source and then sit back and give yourself a few minutes to receive an answer. This answer may arrive in a variety of different ways so let go of any expectations about how it’s supposed to show up. It could be a single word, a color, a song lyric, a memory, a phrase or anything that shows up.


3. Create a sacred space within. You can bring things into your sacred space within to include them in your identity and your creations. Each of us can begin to build a sacred temple within ourselves. In this temple, we can create a sort of inner sanctuary that we bring in the things we would like to create more of. We bring in ideas, items, experiences and anything else to fill the temple with. This can be a fun process that will help you remember who you are and the tools you have for your use at any time.

To create this sacred temple within, put on some soft music that will allow you to drift in the light trance levels of alpha and theta. This will put you in the necessary energetic state to manifest reality through. At this level you are still conscious and can direct your imagination but you are not burdened by the conscious mind or overthinking. Once you have relaxed and allowed yourself to drift into deeper levels of consciousness, you can build a temple and begin to fill it with anything you’d like to have in your life. This temple is a sacred place for you to generate your life from. If you find that you no longer want something in your temple, simply remove it with love and send it to the perfect place it belongs. You can play with this process. The importance of this process is to stimulate your imagination to imprint your timelines through the sacred inner space that your subconscious mind understands is what you’d like to create through and from. It is a way to give clear instructions to your subconscious mind in a way that makes sense to it and the wonderful part for you is the its fun to fill it in with things and to take the time out of your day to spend it in a sacred temple of your creation. Enjoy!

Much love,


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