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Step Into and Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Who’s Enslaving Us?

Beyond the world leaders, the shadow government and the Illuminati, there is a force behind the scenes whose goal is to enslave us. Why you may ask. Imagine 2 people in prison fighting over a scrap of food. Just outside the walls of the prison there is plenty of food, yet they are cut off from this abundance. These control beings have cut themselves off from their own source light. As a result they are trying to steal our light like energetic vampires. Inside this matrix reality we are all cut off from our true power and light to some degree and often to a great degree. It is their goal to siphon off our divine energy to feed themselves, much like in the Matrix movie. You will learn how to reclaim your own energy to raise your vibration and reconnect with your own Source Light.


Soul Contracts

Because this is a free will zone, when we as souls decide to incarnate into this realm we must sign soul contracts to ‘play by the rules’. Over many incarnations, these contracts are used to manipulate us in an attempt to keep us ‘trapped’. You will learn how and why this occurs as well as what we can do to free ourselves from these contracts.

Soul contract revocations 

Fractal Selves

Permission Slips

Past Lives

You will learn the truth about past lives, how to clear energetic ties to previous incarnations, how we may be co-erced to reincarnate under the threat of bad karma and how you will be in control of the circumstances of all future incarnations. (Never have your memory wiped or be born into a life of suffering)


Mind Entrainment and Energetic Traps

Learn how the powers that be attempt to entrain your mind and thinking. Your consciousness is not limited to your brain or conscious mind. When you’re connected to true consciousness through your higher self then you are sovereign to mind entrainment

Etheric Parasites

Learn how parasites in your physical and energy body can be used to drain your energy. And learn how to remove and heal these.


Learn about all types of entities, how to clear yourself and to protect yourself. Entities can influence your emotions and your behaviors because they are trying to live vicariously through you. Other entities are used by the dark forces to keep you in confusion and pain in order to prevent you from stepping into your true sovereignty.


The demiurge is the creator or “god” of this matrix reality. The demiurge is disconnected from the true God or prime creator. The demiurge created this fallen, duality world so that he could rule over it with his cosmic minions referred to as Archons or ‘rulers’. Human nature mirrors the duality found in the world: in part it was made by the false creator God (demiurge) and in part it consists of the light of the True God. (our divine nature) You will learn to connect to your true divine self, take back your power and be sovereign to these false 3D rulers.

Light / Dark/ false light

This duality world, everything is separated into good and bad, right and wrong and yes, even light and dark. This duality concept of light is false. True light when divided contains all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. Dark is not part of the spectrum of light. Dark is the absence of light. There are ‘light beings’ who claim to be part of the light workers or light warriors but are truly dark forces in disguise.

You will learn to discern and distinguish true light beings of pure consciousness and the false, manipulative light beings.

Spiritual Hierarchy

The concept of spiritual hierarchy is part of the false, duality matrix construct. The real truth is we are all sparks of the divine. In our essence we are all equal, perfect, powerful, beautiful god beings. There is no hierarchy in any form in ultimate truth. Hierarchy is used by the demiurge and the archons to maintain control by feeding people’s ego or manipulating people to feel unworthy or less than. The truth of your being is already perfect. You don’t need to work your way up, earn spiritual favor or prove your worthiness. You will learn to connect to the truth of your already perfect higher self and realize the truth of who you are.


We all have a feminine and masculine nature. All of creation is designed in this way. The feminine aspect contains all potential. The masculine aspect directs that potential in a particular direction. The feminine aspect receives guidance and the masculine aspect takes action on that guidance. You will learn to use both aspects to create in alignment with your true highest good.


Foundational Beliefs

Our foundational beliefs create the limits of our imagination and the limits of our experience of life. Our foundational beliefs run so deep and are so fundamental to our understanding to how this world and our lives work that it never even occurs to us to question them. If we never think to question the way things are, how will they ever change? How will we create a new possibility? The beliefs that lock us into this reality are of that frequency. Choose higher frequency beliefs and rise out of this reality. We will examine your beliefs in each of these areas:

Government Banking
Masculine/ Feminine



Blended Learning



When you complete this course, you'll will have with the ability to stand in your sovereign free will and to assist and support others in learning to do the same.

We look forward to seeing you!!

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