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Claim Your Sovereignty

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Free Your Mind

Claim Your Sovereignty from the systems who control and enslave humanity.

Tools, techniques and strategies to stay in your sovereignty


Full course description available here


Lesson 1: Who’s Enslaving Us & How to Break Free

Lesson 2: Escaping Energetic Traps

Lesson 3: Removing Parasites & Entities  

Lesson 4: Light, Dark, False Light, the Demiurge & Spiritual Hierarchy

Lesson 5: Polarity & the Alignment of Feminine/Masculine

Bonus Lesson: Use of False Matrix Language, Detrimental Spell-Casting, Accidental Agreements

Each lesson contains videos with tools, techniques and strategies to help you stay in your sovereignty. Take this course at your own pace, from the convenience of your own home. We offer peer discussion so you can connect with like-minded individuals while stepping into the empowered space of your true self.

The link will take you to the course description page of our classroom where you will be able to enroll in the course.  

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