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21 Days of Healing

Apr 1, 2024 - Apr 22, 2024

  • 22Days
  • 23Steps
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Welcome to the 21 Days of Healing Online Class 🌿✨ It’s time to nurture the roots of your being and grow through what you go through. Our 21 Days of Healing class is specially designed for anyone who’s looking to foster self-care, stride toward holistic health, and engage in profound mental wellness practices. Whether you're on a path of self-improvement, seeking spiritual balance, or healing from life's traumas, this class is your sanctuary. The heart of our course, “21 Days of Healing,” is curated to guide you through a transformational journey of self-discovery and emotional renewal. Each day is a step forward in your healing process, and collectively, they paint a picture of wellness and self-compassion. This class beckons self-care devotees, holistic health enthusiasts, mental wellness seekers, self-help aficionados, spiritual souls, and those on a path to recover from life’s scars. An invitation to tranquility awaits you. Over the span of 21 days, learners will: Engage with concise daily videos designed to inspire and prompt reflection. Partake in meaningful activities that promote self-care and introspective healing. Address and reconcile with one’s shadow aspects for an enlightened self-awareness. Access self-help strategies to facilitate emotional resilience. Exercise compassion towards oneself and extend it to others around them. Implement incremental changes that culminate in substantial life improvements. By the end of the course, we hope that participants will: Have a deeper understanding of self-care and its importance in overall well-being. Feel empowered to address and remove energetic blockages. Develop a greater sense of self-awareness and emotional resilience. Enrollment is open now! Claim your spot and begin the transformative healing process that your mind, body, and spirit deserve. 🌺 Join us on a healing adventure where each step is progress, and every day brings you closer to your most authentic self. 🌟

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  • Introduction to Healing: The Journey Begins
  • Day 2 - Living in the Now
  • Day 3 - Accept Your Shadow Self
  • Day 4 - Commitment; What Are You Committed To?
  • Day 5 - Sound Self-Healing



Single Payment
Deep Healing Package - Weekly Session


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